One Direction Imagines

I will do an imagine for whoever comments. REQUESTS CLOSED


7. Rachel/ Liam

Rachel's POV


Imagine that you and your husband Liam just found out that you two are having a baby. You two are really happy. But you two haven't told anyone else but your parents, so you and Liam have invited the boys over to tell them. When the doorbell rang Liam ran to answer it.

"Liam! Long time no see! Where's the wife?" you heard Zayn say.

"In here Zayine! you yell at the front door.

"There is the beautiful girl we all love!" Louis says as they walk into the lounge where you are at.

"Aw thanks Lou!" you say happily.

"Um... Lads we have some happy news!" Liam says.

"Ooo, What is it?!" Niall asks.

"Well Boys I'm Pregnant!" you yell then you were in a huge group hug.

"Congratulations! We are so happy for you!!" Harry and Niall yell.

"Aw, Thanks! I love you guys too!" you yell to them.

~2 months later~

You and Liam were getting going to the movies. You two watched Monsters University. After the movie you two talked about the movie as you got into the car. You guys were half way home when all of a sudden you see nothingness around you.

*at hospital*

You wake up looking at a white ceiling and a crying Liam.

"Liam" you whisper.

He looks up at up and his face lights up.

"What's wrong Babe?" you ask him.

"They said that you might go in to coma. And that we have" Liam says crying.

"Liam it's okay. Go get a doctor" you tell Liam as your in shock.

"Okay" he says as he gets up and gets the doctor.

They walk back in and the doctor asks you a few questions. And then he explains what happened to you and your baby. Tears were rolling down your cheeks uncontrollably. After the doctor leaves to go and get your paper work for you to leave.

"Babe what's wrong?" Liam asks concerned.

"I just really miss our baby" you say as more tears roll down your cheeks.

After all of the commotion about the baby. The boys offered you and Liam to stay with them because everything you own reminds you of your baby. You two agreed and lived with them.

You guys still remember your baby but you lived a happy life.\

Author's Note:

I hope you like this little story Rachel! I put a lot of thought into this story because I had a hard time thinking of how you would lose your baby. <3


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