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12. Emily/Niall

Emily's POV


Imagine you and your brother Liam were getting time to catch up. So you two went to Starbucks. On the way you met four other people that Liam cares about.

"Hey lads this is my sister Emily" Liam says cheerfully.

"Hello" you greet.

"Hello love!" the boys say.

"So are you four coming or what?" you ask as you walk away, they quickly follow you.

You six sit down and talk for a couple hours.

~couple hours later~

You ended up having five boys staying in your house. You let out a sigh as you go and get them some drinks. When you came back you heard whispering so you had decided to eavesdrop.

"Come on mate what do you like about her?" Zayn

"Well I like her Long straight brown hair. Her personality is just... Wow! And I love how straight forward she is" Niall

"Mate you have to earn her trust first. She has had so many people betray her." moment of silence "I have an idea of how you could earn her trust" Liam

"Alright here's the plan" and that is all you heard

"Alright" Harry whispers

"Emily! Where are you!" Louis

You quickly run to the kitchen and yell back

"In the kitchen!" and everybody walks in and you turn to look at them.

They had huge grins on their faces. You give them a confused look. You notice that Niall isn't with them. And then your suddenly being dragged outside to the pool.

"What are you doing!" you ask feeling terrified yet your giggling.

"We want to throw you into the pool!" Lou yells laughing.

You went to say something but you hit the cold pool water. You surface and glare at the boys. Niall come running out.

"Lads what was that for!" Niall yells as he helps you out.

"We wanted to have some fun with the only girl in the house." Harry says innocently.

Liam comes back out with a towel. You take it and wrap it around you. You run upstairs to take a shower. So you don't catch a cold, its the middle of winter.

Five minutes later you step out of the shower and wrap a towel around your body. You quickly change into pajamas. You pulled on your fuzzy pants and a tank top. You throw your hair into a messy bun and walk out of the room. You go down stair and smell something good. You walk into the kitchen and see Harry making tacos. You decide to freak him out and wrap your arms around his waist and kiss his cheek.

"Looks good babe" you whisper.

Harry jumps and burns his hand. You start cracking up because Harry is swearing and jumping around because his hand hurt. You fall to the ground laughing when Harry accidently steps on you. Now its your turn to start swearing.

"F*CK! F*CK F*CK F*CK F*CK!" You yell and hold your stomach, where Harry accidently stepped on you.

Harry stops swearing and jumping around and squats next to you and apologizes over and over again. You cant answer and tell him its alright because your stomach hurts so bad. Harry falls to the floor and starts crying from the pain. The others come running in and take one look at you and Harry and they run over. Niall came running over to you and picked you up bridal style and takes you to the lounge and places you on the sofa. You lay there for a minute. The pain lessens but only enough to barely talk.

"That was so stupid" you say really quietly.

"Emi, what happened in there?" Niall asks.

"I wanted to pull a little prank on Harry, but that was a bad idea considering he was cooking" you whisper in pain.

"Sorry you didn't need to answer if your in pain" Niall says.

The boys walk out after caring for Harry. They look at you worriedly.

"What happened in there" Liam asks.

"Well I was cooking and all of the sudden there was a pair of arm around my waist and a kiss on my cheek. Someone whispered 'Looks good babe' I jumped and burnt my hand. I was jumping around swearing and she fell to the ground laughing. Well while I was jumping around in pain a stepped on her stomach." Harry replies.

Everyone looks at you again after Harry finishes explaining.

"We need to get you to the doctor." Harry says after he sees the pain in my eyes.

"Yeah we do. Look at this bruise on her stomach!" Louis says looking at your stomach, He pulled up your shirt so he could get a better look at it.

Everyone looks at it and then Niall quickly picks you up and runs to the car. You sit on Niall's lap in pain as everyone piles into the car. You lay on Harry's, Zayn's and Niall's laps in the back. When you get to the doctors you are rushed into a room.

~a few hours later~

The boys walk into your room. They give you worried looks. You give them a huge grin. The pain has left your stomach and you could leave. Niall and Liam help you up and out to the car.

~At house~

You walk inside and you are put in the lounge and on the sofa. You look at Harry and his bandaged hand.

"I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to scare you enough for you to burn your hand." you apologize.

"No I'm sorry I stepped on your stomach!" Harry said sounding really bad.

~2 weeks later~

The bruise on my stomach is healed. And so is Harry's hand. We were all best friends now. Everyone had earned my trust.

"Lets play Truth or Dare!" Lou screams.

We all sat in a circle with a bottle in the middle. I was first so I spun the bottle. It landed on Zayn.

"Zayn! Truth or Dare?" I asked him.

"Dare!" he says.

"Hmmm, I dare you to kiss Harry for 10 seconds!" you say. Harry slightly glares at you.

"Okay" he says and kisses Harry.

It was Niall's turn next. He spun it and it landed and Liam.

"Dare!" Liam says before Niall could ask.

"I dare you to have Emily sit on your lap until your turn" Niall says. You go and sit on Liam's lap.

It was now Zayn's turn. He spun the bottle and it landed on Lou.

"Dare!" Lou sung.

"I dare you to give Emi a kiss!" Zayn yelled.

Lou came over and gave you a kiss. We played until it was Lou's turn. I was not sitting on Liam's lap any more. Lou spun the bottle and it landed on me, the bottle hadn't landed on you yet so you were excited.

"Dare!" you yelled.

"I dare you to give Niall a kiss! And it has to be at least a minute!" He says.

I sighed and went over to Niall and gave him a kiss. It lasted longer than a minute. And to be honest you didn't want the kiss to end. You were in love with Niall from the start. You are just really good at hiding your emotions.

"I love you Niall" you say as you pulled out of the kiss.

~Years later~

"Emily Will You Marry Me?" Niall asks on the interview.

You were sitting on the sofa watching the interview. The interviewer ask if any of the boys were dating any one and Niall look straight at the camera and asked that question. You quickly called him and yelled 'YES!' into the phone

Author's Note:

Hope you liked this Emily! I had fun making this for you!

<3 Lovexxbugxx

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