I Will Always Love You

This is a love story about a girl who meets a boy and they fell I love.

She falls for him like a rain drop from sky. for him.
He falls for her like a start falls from heaven.


2. The Bag.

Becca's POV:

I walked down the street, kicking on a stone. I was a bit pissed about that I got a F on my test.

That test was really important to me.

If I didn't make it I knew I wouldn't be able to go at the concert that I wanted to go on.

If I didn't could go on the concert, I had just spend two years of saving to nothing.

I groaned to myself, sitting down on the mark as I leans agains a stonewall.

"Damn fucking math teacher..." I mumbled to myself as I picked up a pen from my bag, moving my leg closer to my hand so I could draw on my Converse shoe.

Why was I'm so bad at math and much more good at everything else? As English!! I have an A in English!!

Maybe it depends on the teachers.

My math teacher. Well, more known as an old angry bitch from Transylvania.

And then we have my English teacher, she is funny, she doesn't freaks out, she's burning for her work and she really wanna learn us everything she know.


"I should just keep going." I said out loud to myself, as I got up from the ground.

I walked a bit when I heard someone scream at me.

"Hey!! You!!" I turned around and saw a guy, holding my bag.

We stood a bit from each other.

Damn. He looked similar.

He walked to me.

"Here. You forgot your bag."

I just stared at him. What the hell did Jack here? Holding my bag. I didn't said anything, just stared.

"Are you okay?" He chuckled.

I nodded my head.

"Yeah..." I took my bag from him, still staring.

"Thank you."

"No problem." He smiled at me.

His was even more beautiful in real life. In front of me.

His eyes were just perfect. Big and brown. I would describe them as puppy dog eyes. They made me melt.

"Well I should keep going. Bye and thank you." I said, turning around as I started to walk.

I could feel how he still looked at me as I walked away.

Jack's POV:

I had a day off and decided to do what I usually did at my days off. Walk. I just walked down the streets, looking at beautiful humans.

I walked past a school, looking in at the school yard. I miss the school a bit. To be with friends, learn new things.

The sun was just shining outside but cloud moved in front of it.

I sighed a bit and looked down at my shoes.

I couldn't let go of a thing my mom had said to me. I repeated the words in my head. "Find a girl Jack. Find a girl Jack."

I just wanted her to shut up in that moment. Let me find a girl when I feel to. Don't fucking push me.

I looked up and saw a girl.

She got up from where she sat and walked away from her bag.

I started to walk faster and picked up the bag.

"Hey!! You!!" I called after her.

I saw how she turned around. I didn't move for a few seconds. I walked to her.

"Here. You forgot your bag."

I looked at her as she stared at me. She just stared at me, like she never had seen a human before.

"Are you okay?" I chuckled.

She nodded.

"Yeah.." She said but still staring.

"Thank you." She took the bag from me.

"No problem." I smiled at her.

She was kind of cute. Like the perfect girl. Blonde and blue eyes. A nice face.

"Well I should just keep going. Bye." She turned around and started to walk.

I looked at her as she walked away.

"Bye..." I said even though she couldn't hear it by now."

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