The Vampire's Passion

Whisperia loves her best friend, Drake, but can't stand his plots for revenge when they go too far, so when he threatens to harm her friends for the ultimate revenge a revenge that some don't come unscathed from, it's the Vampire's passion against a feisty witch.


2. One year later(1)

Chapter 1

1 year later

"What's it say?? What's it say??" Drake demanded, peering over my shoulder at the ancient, handwritten, spell book. It was written in heavy ink and even heavier Latin. It had taken long enough to decipher.

I looked over my shoulder at my impatient best friend. He was holding in a sneer and his breaking point was closing in.

"It says that some people" , I coughed, "Drake" , I coughed again, "need to be PACIENT, and wait." I said, glaring, then smiling with innocent sweetness.

Drake rolled his eyes and sat down on one of the calico colored couches in the decent sized apartment that we shared with three of our other friends.

"Buuuuuurn!" Niklaus laughed, taking a moment to look up from his own 'studies'. Nicklaus was a strong warlock, interested mostly in the art of zombie slaves.

Bellini, Niklaus' sister giggled, laying her petite head on her upper shoulder on Niklaus' lap.

Bellini was actually 19, even though she didn't look older than 14. But what else could you expect from a fairy?

Bellany and Nicklaus weren't blood related, they were both orphans who found each other by luck.

It had to be just luck that they found each other, the only two people in our circle of friends with blonde hair and blue eyes. Bellini had baby blue eyes while Niklaus eyes were more of a royal blue.

I glowered at Drake, Niklaus and Bellini. I could work faster is some people would just-

"Shut up, will you?" Vladimir snapped for me. I grinned at Vladimir. Vladimir was 18, the same age as Drake and I. He was a lot taller than me at about 6'2''.

He was a werewolf with salt and peeper red fur when transformed, but with deep messy black hair as a human.

In reality, it was his eyes that gave him away. He had those kind of huge almond shaped eyes, with long lashes, brown pupils, gold flecks and a tint of red around the outside.

They glowed in the dark and gave him an wolfish look with his already thin and rough features. He was strong and very fast. The perfect predator.

I turned back around as the others fell into awkward silence. Drake, who must've been bored, wandered up into the kitchen and opened the pantry, probably looking for the blood snacks I bought for him.

I paused, staring at the page I just turned to. Was this it? It could be...I think it was!!!

"I think I found it!!" I cried happily, squealing out of sheer happiness. Drake, who heard me squeal, raced from the kitchen falling to the ground next to my chair, his cheeks packed like a squirrels.

"Humph set sits?" He said, choking down the snacks. I stared, a raised eyebrow as he swallowed the snacks enough to speak.

"What is it?" He repeated. I grinned, now that was better! I took a look behind me, Niklaus had closed his book, Bellini was sitting up, and even Vladimir looked interested, leaning forward on his knees, his spine peeking up against his shirt, straight and taut.

"I Know what we need to do!!!" I grinned. Vladimir raised an eyebrow at me. Vladimir raised an eyebrow at me.

I only smiled back; this was about to get interesting. If all this worked out, we'd be very powerful ineed.


"Hey Strawberry." Drake greeted, popping his head into my small room. I smiled, waving, the spell book in my lap, my covers covering my legs.

Drake scowled at my pajamas and the book on my lap.

"You're going to bed?" He whined incredulously. I nodded, setting the spell book on my nightstand.

"Isn't that what you're doing?" I asked, laughing.

Drake stared at me at quietly. Then he opened the door all the way. I expected him to lean against the door frame in his sweats and an old tattered t-shirt, but he was dressed in quite the opposite.

"You're going out?" I asked, staring. How could he go out? With all that we had planned?

He wore dark jeans, and a dark shirt, with his signature leather jacket. He smelled good. His cologne wasn't minty, but it was similar to a musky cinnamon smell. He was relaxing back on his heels, pouting openly.

"Get dressed and come with us." He urged, still pouting.

"Us?" I asked, straining to look over his shoulder, at where Bellini, Niklaus and Vladimir waited at the end of the hall.

"We're going to The Three Witches to celebrate." He explained, padding across the floor to me. He lifted up one of my hands, and pulled on it futilely, caressing the skin between my thumb and pointer finger.

"Come with us." He said softly, staring me down, as he bent down to squat on his knees. His eyes briefly overlooked my tank top, and shorts with a scowl.

I flushed, my heart was pounding in my chest, and I pulled my hand away, holding it in my lap.

"I'm going to get some rest. You go ahead" I told him, reaching out to playfully push his away by his knee. He swayed for a moment, but stayed where he was pouting angrily.

He caught my hand again, holding it lightly. He leaned forward, His eyes glossy.

"Please." He whined, puppy-dog eying me. I winced and looked away.

"Nu-uh." I said, crossing my arms. He growled angrily, and then he stopped, a mischievous glint in his eyes.

"I'll be back." He told me, rising quickly.

"Ok?" I said, leaning into my pillows. He raced out of my room, skidding on the floor in his socks.

The door closed behind him and was left alone. I had half a mind to get up and go with them, but I was too comfy and I was in a way, tired.

I stared at the space where he had sat, the smell of him clouding the area.

My room was suddenly quiet and kept shifting on my bed, the sudden intrusion of Drake had disrupted my silence, and now I couldn't stand it.

Drake was actually back quicker than I had expected. And another surprise was that he'd changed into his pajamas.

He looked quite smug and his eyes were blue stars dancing over a smile.

I laughed out loud and made room for him on my bed as he clambered up to sit next to me by my pillows, our hips brushing up against each others.

"What happened to Bell and the others? And what happened with going out?" I asked, glancing at my closed door.

Drake grinned, "They left. The cab was waiting and for your information I decided to stay in."

I nodded, laughing despite Drake's sudden frown. I fell against his shoulder.

He was my best friend, always seemingly unconcerned with life, only focusing on the moment at hand. But I knew him too well.

His sudden changes of mind weren't unusual, but they were often an emotion covering another emotion. Only five minutes ago he was irritated and whining and he was planning on leaving!

Drake suddenly turned somber, smiling sadly as he leaned back into the pillows, as they crumpled under our combined weight. He patted some of my static hair down, his rough hands gentle. I nuzzled into his neck, soaking up his heat. I was freezing, and he suddenly was almost feverishly hot.

"Aren't you worried at all?" I inquired softly, only glancing at his eyes. They were glossy, and dull, like new snow.

He shook his head defiantly, shifting so I was practically on my side under the covers, wrapped in his arms, a hand on his chest.

"No" he said, but his voice cracked. I nodded into his shoulder, preferring to stay silent as I relaxed back onto his shoulder.

I think we stayed like that till the others came home, the night was dying out by then and it was freezing in our apartment, but I never felt the cold.









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