Falling Apart

I know he’s trying, but I’m trying too
-Hailey Edwards


20. We can’t kiss

Emma’s P.O.V

After Hailey told me all the raped situation, that night we decided to have a 'sleepover' in my room. We just kept talking about everything we hadn't said to each other when she was acting all, well you know how, until we both fell asleep.

The next morning I was still sleeping, when I heard someone,and by someone I’m sure it was Louis 

“FUN IS HERE BITCHES!” He scream and I could hear some voices making noises downstairs I think they were trying to keep him quiet,but I just ignored it and kept sleeping, suddenly the room door opened.

“Get your asses up girls because today we celebrate” It was Louis shouting again and opening the curtains so all the light could come in

“Damn it Louis, couldn't you be more louder?” I said sitting in the bed, trying to adjust my eyes to the sun light 

“Don’t be a baby Emma, get up! today we are celebrating that tour almost start” he said full of excitement “Hailey wake up” he said moving Hailey’s legs

“That's definitively not going to work on her Louis” I said standing up and walking towards the bathroom to wash my teeth

“Well, if you don't wake up Hailey, because I know you are hearing me, I know someone who does work on you and will love to wake you up…” he said walking towards the door “… oh and for the record, it's Harry who I’m talking about” he said but after leaving the room Hailey spoke up

“I’m up ok, I’m up Louis!” She muttered loud enough so Louis could hear her

“Get ready then” Louis answered back and chuckled



After Hailey and I were ready we went downstairs to meet everyone else. Zayn,Louis,Niall and Harry including Eleanor and Perrie, who I supposed just came back from tour, were in the kitchen having breakfast 

“Morning Girls, want some?” Eleanor told us, showing us some pancakes she was doing in the pan

“Sure” we both said in unison 

“You’re finally here” Hailey said taking a sit next to Perrie “Zayn wouldn’t stop saying how much he wanted you to come back”

“Aww I missed you too baby” Perrie said and then kissed Zayn on the cheek, which he returned immediately and then glanced at Harry but he just rolled his eyes 

“I couldn't miss todays celebration” Perrie said

“That’s right girl, Morning everyone” Liam said as he walked in and then threw some grapes in his mouth

“Morning Payne” Niall said as he approached to the grapes too

“And how are we going to celebrate exactly?” I asked getting some juice from the fridge

“Paintball and Laser fields” All the guys said in unison, looking to each other in some competitive way

We all finished breakfast and all decided to get going, but before we left, Hailey, apologized to Eleanor and Perrie for the way she acted the first time they met. Them being the sweet girls they are obvioulsy accepted her apologies and told her not to worry.


After a while of fighting over how to make the teams, as always daddy direction, Liam, finally decided "Team number one will be Zayn, Eleanor, Hailey, and Niall. Team number two will be Louis, Perrie, Emma, Harry and I." He said the teams out loud and no one protested. We all went for the gear and the game went on for a while, Liam, Eleanor, & Harry were out so that left Zayn, Hailey and Niall in one team and Louis, Perrie and I in the other. I was sent for the other teams flag and to my surprise Niall was guarding it, he saw me and was about to shoot me so I acted like I couldn't breath and took my mask off.

"Wait Niall, I'm not feeling well" I said getting closer to him and leaning on him acting like I was catching my breath. When he realized that I couldn't breathe he lowered his gun and also took his mask off. 

"Emma are you ok?" He asked concerned and for a moment I regretted making him concerned but I look up and quickly got the flag and won the game, I started laughing

"Emma that's not fair" he said 

"Accept it Horan, we win" I said looking straight to his eyes and getting closer to him

“You are such a cheater Anderson” he said closing gap between us, again our faces were so close that I was able to feel his breath. Inside of me was growing this fucking desire to kiss him but I wasn't going to make the move again, so when I saw that his gaze went to my lips, I move my lips to his but he exhaled frustrated and threw himself back. 

“Wow, Emma” he said 

“Damn it Niall, again?” I said frustrated 

“Emma we can't just kiss, what about Harry?”

“What do you mean, what about Harry?” I asked confused

“You two have something going on, like you two like each other or he likes you…You know what I’m talking about” he explained but I could not stand it and I started laughing

“Harry and me?” I laugh a bit again “We are like best friends, he is into Hailey, don’t be stupid Niall” I explained rolling my eyes at him and his expression changed completely, like if he just found out the biggest thing on earth but then the rest of the group came back and Niall’s team started scolding him on why he had let me grab the flag and stuff, while the rest of my team hugged me and gave me high fives.

When we went out of the fields, we went to the lockers for our stuff and I was checking a notification that I had received on my phone so I was the last one to go out. We were walking towards the doors to the parking lot and Niall was with me at the end of the group. When everyone had already given back their gear and were already out, I was about to open the door to leave, when suddenly I felt someone take me by the arm and turn me around, then I felt his lips on mine, Niall Horan was kissing me! He was holding me by the arms and leaning a little so he was able to reach my lips and I was feeling all the freaking butterflies in my stomach, I didn't even know that you could feel them.

After we kissed he put his forehead against mine so we could catch our breaths and said “Sorry for being so stupid, I thought that you an-” but I just shut him up by placing one of my fingers on his lips “Forget about it, it's ok” I said and lower my finger 

“So if there’s nothing between you two, and you tried to kiss me twice…” he was telling me with his sexy, flirting look “…and you did kiss me back just seconds ago, that means that you also like me?” he asked 

“Also like you? So you like me uh?” I said smiling

“I don't kiss girls I don't like, so shut up and answer Anderson” He said but I just gave him one quick peck on the lips and walked out turning one last time at him with a wink.


We were starving so we decided, well actually Niall decided that we should go eat at Nandos. When we got there we asked for a private spot just to avoid fans and paparazzi. We seat down in this order, at one side of the table were: Zayn, Perrie, Hailey and Harry and in the other side were: Liam, Niall, & me and Eleanor &Louis were at the side of the table, between Harry and Liam.

Before the food arrived, everyone was divided in groups and having their own little conversations. I was talking with Eleanor, Hailey, Louis and Harry when suddenly I heard that I got a text and when I looked down at my phone to see who was, I smiled as I saw it was from Niall, I opened it and read:


“You owe me an answer;) -Niall xx.”


When I looked over at him he was watching me “You are a fool” I told him pushing him a little 

“Who texted you?” he asked

“Oh just some guy I like” I told him and an immediate big smile appeard on his face

“He must be such a lucky dude”

“Yeah, maybe he is but he used to always reject my attempts to kiss him” I said and giggled 

“I’m sure he is not missing any other” he said and winked at me but then the waitress came with our orders and we started eating, when we finished the guys were telling us all about their tour, from the list of songs they were playing to the new things they added, I had my hand laying on my leg and I felt Niall grab it, I looked down, & he intertwined them. I just smiled and left them like that and payed attention to whatever Liam was talking about.



Comment if you like it or not:p and if you want another chapter, also what would you like to happen next? Thanksf or reading<3  
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