Falling Apart

I know he’s trying, but I’m trying too
-Hailey Edwards


16. How drunk was she?

Hailey's POV
I took the phone out of my bag. Who can I call for help?
 I scrolled through my contacts and called the one I was looking for.
"Hello?" I heard his low voice from the other line. I don't know why but out of the small group of people I knew in London, for some reason he was the one I trusted the most
"Uhm... Zayn?" I asked confused
"Who is this?"
"I-It’s me, Hailey" I stuttered
"Hailey? Are you ok? Emma has been looking for you!"
"Yeah, I'm fine and I know. I just don't want to talk to her"
"Where are you?" He asked
"That's actually why I called, uhm... I’m not sure"
"What do you mean? Are you drunk?"
"I may have had a few drinks..." I trailed off
I heard him sigh "Stay right where you are, I'm picking you up" 
"But you don't know where I am” I frowned
"Are you close to Harry's flat?"
"I think so..."
"Then I do know where you are, I'll be right there, don't go"
"Alright" I ended the call
What the hell am I supposed to do with the car? I can’t find the fucking keys
I ordered a drink and then another and another, I lost count.
"Hailey?" I heard a familiar voice, I turned around and relaxed when i saw who it was
"Zaaaayn!! Come on, have a drink" I giggled
"You are completely wasted" He shook his head
"I am not!" I stood up and was about to fall but thankfully he catched me.
"That’s it for tonight, let’s take you home"
"But I don’t want to go home"
"Come on" He tried to carry me bridal style since I couldn’t even stand up put I panicked
"Don't" I shook my head
"Don't what?" He was confused
"Don't carry me"
"Fine, but I'm still helping you"
I flinched as he put his arm around me to keep my balance but I ignored it and let him help me.
He put me in the car and closed the door before walking around the car to get into the driver’s seat. I sat there silent but then I remembered.
"Fuck" I muttered
"What’s wrong?" Zayn asked worriedly
"I lost Harry's car keys" I whispered
"What? Where?"
"I'm not sure, he's going to kill me, what am I goi-" "Hailey, Hailey calm down...we'll figure it out, just sleep for now"
I frowned but did as I was told and closed my eyes as I drifted to sleep.
Zayn's POV
When I turned to see Hailey she was asleep and I decided not to wake her, I stopped the engine and got out of the car to walk around it to the passenger’s seat, I opened the door and picked Hailey up in my arms hoping she wouldn't wake up and freak out, but since this time she was drunk she kept sleeping.
I got out the spare key Harry had given me and the boys to his flat and unlocked the door letting myself in. Niall and Emma were fast asleep in the couch probably they were waiting for Hailey. I quietly closed the door behind me and made my way up to Hailey’s room and carefully laid her in the bed, I took her shoes off and pulled the covers.
I was about to go out, but Harry got in first
"Where the he-" "Shhh... Shut the fuck up, she's asleep" I whispered to harry
"Where is my car?!?" He whispered back
" I don’t know, she said she lost the key, I’m not sure though , after all she is drunk"
"I swear I will kill her if-" "Quit being such a dick mate, you would never lay a finger on her, at least not for that reason, and you know it. You are head over heels for her, but for some reason you are being a complete jerk, she's hurt you know"
I could see regret wash over his eyes and he sighed "I don’t know what to do, she just makes me so angry, and I go off on her, she’s such a bitch sometimes, she gets under my skin"
"All girls are Harry, you just need to give her sometime"
He stood there in silence but then frowned “Why did you bring her?"
"She called me" I explained
"You’re not into her are you?"
"I’m with Perrie don’t be an idiot"
"Sorry I'm just tired" he shook his head but then something behind me cached his eye
I turned around but everything seemed fine. Suddenly harry walked over to the side table and took something out of Hailey’s bag, I didn’t know what it was at first, but then I noticed the set of car keys that were know on his hands.
"How drunk was she?" Harry asked
"I’m guessing she was really drunk, now come on before we wake her up" I told harry and we both walked out of the room
Hailey's POV
I woke up with a massive hangover I reached for my phone that was on the side table, only to find a pair of aspirins and a glass of water, I took them and checked the time, it was already 2  in the afternoon. I got out of bed and made my way downstairs
"Oh my god Hailey, I was so freaking worried" Emma jumped out of her seat
"Fuck Emma, dent scream" my head was pounding.
"Want some breakfast?" Zayn offered, I suppose he stayed the night
"No thanks, just wanted more water" I filled my glass and went back upstairs to keep sleeping.
I saw the time on my clock, it was 7 and it was already dark. I walked out of my room and didn't hear anything... Where is everyone?
"Is anyone home?"
"Down here" I heard Zayn’s voice and followed it, he was in the living room watching TV alone
"Where is everyone?" I frowned, repeating the question that was in my head just seconds ago.
"They wanted to go out so they went bowling..." He explained
"What about you?"
"Perrie started tour in America today so I decided not to go and stay and babysit"
"I don’t need a babysitter"
"You sure did last night"
"Oh, sorry about that..."
"Don't worry, hey, the guys brought some food, it’s in the kitchen"
"I’m not hungry" I sat down next to him, he frowned "You haven’t eaten all day”
I shrugged and changed the subject. "What are you watching?"
He stared at me for a moment but thankfully let it slip, maybe I wasn't eating, but it's not his problem anyway.
"Nothing, just flipping through the channels" he shrugged, I nodded.
It was silent for a while but then I noticed Zayn frown
"What wrong?" I asked
"What's on your wrist?" I froze, he couldn't find about my cuts, not him, not anyone.
"Uhm... a bracelet" I answered as if it were obvious
"Hailey..." He said sternly and snatched my arm
"LET GO OF ME!" I tried to pull it away from him, but obviously he was much stronger than me. He took the bracelets I had on and pulled my sleeve up, he just sat there staring at it, and tears were slowly falling down my face.
"You can't tell anyone, please" I begged
"You need to stop doing this, tell me one reason Hailey, ONE reason why I shouldn't tell someone" He was mad
"I just do it ok! It makes you forget, and honestly to forget is all I want to do, I want to forget all of it!!" My voice was slowly raising its volume and I couldn’t stop the tears that were falling down my face.
"What the hell do you want to forget, what is so fucking bad that you have to this kind of things, what could it poss-" "I was raped" I whispered cutting him off
He just stood there, paralyzed, he couldn’t process it
"Just don't tell anyone, please" I begged him once again
"When did you start?" He was serious


Here’s the second chapter I promise guys! and because I’m in a really good mood for the You & I video :D I’m uploading other chapter later today…

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