Falling Apart

I know he’s trying, but I’m trying too
-Hailey Edwards


1. First Kiss

Hailey’s POV

“Hailey are you ready? We need to go, Tyler is here” I heard Emma say from downstairs.

“I’m coming” I took a clutch from my closet and put my things inside it before going downstairs

"What took you so long?" Emma said as she gave me my coat

"Nothing, come on let's go" I closed the door of the house Emma and I shared and walked over to Tyler's car getting in


"Do you want something to drink beautiful?" Tyler said in my ear, his voice barely audible over the booming music of the club 


"What do you want?"

"Anything, I will wait here" I said a smile on my face before he went for our drink

"So how are things with Tyler?" Emma suddenly appeared sitting next to me 

"Good, I guess" I said staring at a crowd that was forming at the other side of the club, probably a fight, I'm too lazy to go see 

"Well his coming so I'll go" she said and disappeared in the crowd 

"Here you go" he handed me a drink and I took a sip, I could taste a bit of alcohol in it but not too much so U decided to keep drinking.


Emma's POV

When I saw Tyler coming over I left, I don't like to be with them, Hailey is not herself when he's around her. I'm not sure why but I know that things won't end well between them, but Hailey didn't want to listen she's too stubborn.

I walk over to the restroom when suddenly a guy grabbed me by the waist and turned me around, I looked up to see who it was and I froze when I realize it was Harry Styles


Harry's POV

When we entered at the club a crowd was starting to form around us but luckily I had the chance to slip away. I was walking past the restrooms when I saw the last person I wanted to see walking over to me. Hannah my ex-girlfriend and some guy that was with her.

"Harry? Is that you?" she said obviously knowing it was me, I did as if I didn't hear her but she came closer

"Harry, Hi"

"Hey" I said awkwardly 

"This is James, my boyfriend we have been together for three months now" She smiled giving unnecessary information 

"Oh, really, I have a girlfriend too" the words came out of my mouth without even thinking 

"And, where is she?" She asked 

I turn around hoping one of the boys was around but instead I ended up doing something I will never expect to do. I saw a girl that was around my age, I took her by the waist and turned her around 

"She's my girlfriend right babe" I blurted out hoping she would play along

"Uhm, I guess" She said

"You guess?" Hannah asked, doubting the girl's answer 

"I mean, yes I'm her girlfriend" She replied and kiss my cheek, that was something I didn't expect at all

"How long have you been dating?" She raised her eyebrow 

"Four months" We said at the same time, thank god that we said the same thing 

"Oh, well,whatever bye" She said and walked away with James right behind her 

"What was that?" The girl asked

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to, you were just... there" I apologize scratching my neck

"Don't apologize ,let me guess, that was your ex-girlfriend?"

I chuckled "Yeah, and thanks I would've looked like a fool if it wasn't for you"

"Don't worry" She smiled

"So what's your name?"


"I'm Harry"

She rolled her eyes"I know"

I chuckled 

"So do you want to go somewhere else?" I asked

"Sure, I just need to go tell my friend" she said 

"I'll wait here" I said with my hands in my pockets 

I watch her walk away over to a girl and a guy probably her friends.

The girl was beautiful, and fit, but it didn't matter from the look of it the guy next to her was her boyfriend.

My thoughts were confirmed when Emma turned around walking over at me and I saw them making out

"Let's go?" I asked as Emma approached me

She nodded, and we both walked out the club and I led her to my car, thank god the lads and I split into two cars.


Emma's POV 

I am still processing the fact that I am in Harry’s car, I mean I’m not their biggest fan but I do like One Direction. Harry didn’t seem to make a big deal about him being famous he was just a normal guy
“We’re here” Harry said snapping me out of my thoughts.
I looked out the window and saw that we were in a park, Harry got out of the car and opened my door
“No problem” He answered
We went deeper into the park and found a bench in front of a fountain
“20 questions?” Harry asked as he sat down
“Why not”
“Favorite color?” He asked, starting with easy questions
“Red” I answered

"Your turn"

"Ok, favorite animal?"

"Easy one, cat" He said 

"Do you have any?" I asked

"Hey, it's my turn" He said not answering my question

I giggled waiting for him to ask me 

"Any siblings?"

"Yeah, I have 3 younger sisters" I smiled as I thought of them

“Ok, uhm three things you’re looking for in a girl?” I asked curiously

“Oh, so we’re getting into that kind of question huh?”

“Shut up, and answer”

“Ok, a pretty smile, nice personality, and fit” He answered and I rolled my eyes at the last thing

“Alright, since you got into that kind of questions… How many boyfriends have you had?”

“I’m not answering that” I said

“Aw, come on Emma! It doesn’t matter if there 20” He said probably thinking it was a big number

“You won’t laugh?”



“Promise” He said

I took a breath and answered “I haven’t had a boyfriend”

“What? Not even one” He asked amused, I shook my head

“So, what about your first kiss?” He asked with a cheeky smile

“It’s my turn to ask” I said changing the subject

“So it’s a no?” He asked

“I said it’s my tur-“

He cut me off by pressing his soft lips to mine, I froze for a second but then kissed back. I knew that I shouldn’t, but something didn’t let me stop, it was starting to get heated so we pulled away to catch our breaths 

“For a first kiss, not bad Emma”


Ok guys, so it’s my first story so it would mean a lot if you told me what you think about it 

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