Meet Georgia Fair and her out of the blue chain of events, like, why have her parents had a sudden divorce and why is her crush just started being an ass? and discover the true meaning of friendship.


1. Introduction

Out of breath. My lungs are working at the maximum. Why? Because I'm late for school. Again. Being late is my top, careless habit. But it isn't just late or fashionably late. Its unfashionably late. Anyway, now I am hyperventilating. My heart is in my mouth and sweat is building heavily under my hair. Soon, I approach the door to my form room and quickly I wipe my forehead and clean myself up. I click open the door as quietly as possible and sneak in. "Hi early bird!" A voice calls. I look up in shock to see my four best friends watching me, grinning from their table. "Is miss in the room?" I whisper carefully, shooting cautious glances around the room. "No, but the register's already been done." Lucy says sympathetically. I nod, rolling my eyes. Great. That means that when miss enters the room, she'll take one look at me, then send me down to the school office. That's what she did yesterday. And last week. And probably the week before. All I can do now is wait. I drop my bags down by the leg of the table my four friends are sitting at and drag a chair over so I could join them. The four girls at the table have been my best friends since, well, forever! Firstly, there is Iris. She is the one who has a better control grip on the group. We all have our turn at being in control, but Iris is more down to earth and the opposite of short-notice and she likes to arrange things before they take place. Or in other words, she isn't a 'now person'. This could be a reason why she's usually the one to point out when I'm late, giving me the ironic nickname of 'earlybird.' Rhiannon is more of a 'piece-of-my-mind' person who isn't afraid of sharing her opinion with everyone. Whether its on a gorgeous pair of shoes or whether it its a good idea or not for a break-up to occur. Her given nickname is bittersweet. The reason being, she can be really sweet when she wants to be, but other times, she's quite volatile. Of course not always to us because we are her best friends after all. Lucy doesn't really have a nickname. Not that I'm sure of anyway. If she does, its probably something like sass or sassy. This is because she can flirt with people. Not just flirt, but do it right. Not many people can do flirting right and I for one cannot. But Lucy can do it subtley and leave the person sitting (or standing) wondering whether Lucy was just flirting or being serious. It's quite funny actually. Then there's Saffron. Saffron is more of a lively one. She has a dark side (like everyone) and can be very scary when she's furious (even though this is rare), but despite that, she is just lovely. She's sweet and good-natured and we once thought she was so innocent - although we were wrong, but don't get on the wrong side of her and I think you'll be ok. Then there's me. My name is Georgia Fair, aka. earlybird, but I'll appreciate it if you could just call me Georgia. Me and my friends all go to Bridgecross highschool that sits only just outside the city where we all live. Rhiannon and Lucy catch the school bus and both Saffron and Iris get lifts. Unfortunately for me, I have to walk to school because my mom and dad both start work early and my house is inside the school area. That means I don't need the bus because the school is in walking distance from my house. I suppose that's why I'm always late for things, or just because I'm always last out my house. After I had been at the table for about five minutes, miss came in with a stroke of bad luck. I look up and see my form tutor, miss Bug giving me one of her bad looks. Even though she didn't adress me by my name, I knew perfectly well who she was talking to and not so coincidentally, I was sent down to see Mrs Picadilli - the head mistress in her office. My friends let out a laugh which makes my cheeks glow red and I picked up my bags and feeling slightly embarrassed, walked the corridors until I reached the office. It was just a rectangle shaped room with Mrs Picadilli's desk and a computer on top of it and a computer chair on the side of the desk closest to the wall. There was also a solitary chair in front of the desk where the victim would sit, with no choice but to face the head mistress in whatever mood she was in that was irrelevant to her work. But today the door was closed suggesting that whichever student was unlucky enough to land inside, may have a pretty dissappointing day. So I stood outside the door, leaning against the wall, unnoticed. Teachers marched past wearing duty-like expressions and completely ignored me like I was part of the blank, white wall. This pleased me, because then there were no witnesses to see me in trouble. Again. Anymore problems with the head teacher would equal a definite exclusion. Maybe even worse. Eventually the schoolbell rang out informing us all that lessons were about to start. I let out a bored sigh and try to listen to whats going on inside the office. Theres no sound. Maybe Mrs Picadilli isn't in. Maybe she's ill! This thought brings a flow of relief into my bloodstream, even though I have no idea if she is or not. Then there are giggles coming from around the corner. I turn my head a fraction and see Iris, Rhiannon, Lucy and Saffron emerge from a different corridor. They stop when they see me, not daring to come any closer. It is as if I am inside a cave by a sleeping dragon and the four are outside beckoning me over urgently, helping me escape. "Come on Georgia, let's go!" Rhiannon whispers. Her mouth is smiling but her eyes are frantic. I turn to face the door in hesitation. What if Miss Bug checks if I've been here. Hell would break loose if she was to find out I didn't see Mrs Picadilli. "What are you waiting for? Do you want to be late for first lesson as well as form?" Saffron asks I frown, but think about that. I face the door once more. Then I hear the sound of furious shouting from inside the office. I jump in fear and hurry away from the office with the girls in a burst of giggly panic.
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