Frozen (One Direction version)

Have you seen Frozen? This is the One Direction version. Read please?


4. She said what?

Niall's P.O.V
Did she figure out? I sure hope she didn't.
"I what?" I asked her?
"I know you like me." She said.
"But I don't" It hurt to say that to her.
"Sure,now leave pretty boy." She said.
I left the room.
Amber's POV.

Here goes nothing.
"What happend to me?" Liam asked.
"Promise you'll believe me ?" I made sure.
"Yes." He said.
Authors note
OMG this is REALLY short. I did this really quickly and I hope your not mad. I had finals and a lot of homework thanks to my shitty professors. I'm studying Music Technology, and maybe i'll work with One Direction. Pshh, probably not! Anyway, bye frozeners!!!! love y'all!!! 


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