Tabitha Connors is no stranger to night terrors, images of fire and destruction plague her sleep almost every night, until he comes along.
Rafier knows that if he doesn't get help soon, his world will burn with the demons who fight to destroy it. When he finds the beautiful little necromancer in a night club, he knows his people have a new hope.
Tabitha is about to be thrown into a world of horror, pain and suffering. Most of all, she is about to enter world of desolation.

2. 2

Tabitha was more than startled to see her ex-boyfriend before her, holding her and smiling as though they were still oh so close. It reminded Tabby that they had never actually been all that close, she had just been foolish enough to believe they were. 

Mere moments after she had realized who had saved her, Tabby jerked out of his arms and put up her guard.

"Mark, what are you doing here?" Tabitha asked, her sharp green eyes narrowed on the man she once believed she might grow old with. No longer. 

"It's a free country Tabby." Mark smirked at her, the arrogance of the look had her mood fouling something terribly. Tabby hated that look, always had.

"Yes well, thank you for catching me now if you'll excuse me, I was just getting some air." She tried to leave but Mark grabbed her arm and pulled her right back to where she had been before. Tabby nearly lost her footing and almost tumbled into her ex. 

"Look Tabitha, I've been thinking about this for a while now and I've decided to take you back." Said Mark, somewhat arrogantly.

Shock coursed through Tabitha, then anger. How dare he say that? She had been the one to leave him, she was the one who would decide if they got back together. It was not a privilege he was entitled to. 

"Well that's nice for you Mark, but unfortunately for you, that isn't for you to decide. I don't want you back." Tabby tried to jerk her arm away but was unsuccessful. 

Mark's eyes darkened as he gripped her tighter, to the point of an aching pain. No doubt there would be a bruise in the morning.

"Listen here you little-"

"I'm sorry, is there a problem here?" A new voice voice interrupted Mark mid-sentence. This time, Tabitha had no idea who the newcomer was.


"Yes. This man is harassing me." Tabitha and Mark spoke at the same time. 

The newcomer looked over the two of them and then at the way Mark held Tabitha. When his eyes darted to her, Tabby couldn't help but notice how... beautiful he was. No, beautiful was the wrong word because it relayed some kind of femininity, this guy was all male. Hard, bulging muscles peaked out from under his short sleeved V-neck shirt and a strong jaw made him seem intimidating. He was the most handsome man Tabby had ever seen. 

"Look man, if the girl said she wanted you to leave her alone, then leave her alone. Go find someone else." The man said, narrowing his eyes on the hand that held Tabitha so tightly. 

Mark looked ready to kill, he started toward the man but then... he stopped. As if controlled by magic, Mark stopped dead in his tracks, then turned and walked away. All Tabby could do was stare after him in wonderment.

"Are you alright now, miss?" The man questioned Tabby, looking more relaxed now that Mark had left. 

"Yes, thank you." Tabby said, her mind was still boggled at Mark's actions.

"Don't worry, I' just glad you're alright. I'm Rafier by the way." He said. Gingerly; Tabitha took his offered hand and shook it. 

"Tabitha." She replied. Rafier smiled and placed a kiss on the back of her hand. Tabby could swear her heart stopped.  

"Well Tabitha, can I buy you a drink?" He surprised her by asking, she looked around the club but couldn't see Mindy anywhere. Eventually she thought; to hell with it, one drink won't hurt. Tabby turned back to Rafier with a massive grin on her face.

"I'd love one."  

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