Blackmailed by a Professional

Alice and James have secrets. Secret they can't bear to have out in the open. They have kept their secrets to themselves for as long as they could but now, someonw knows.

Bound by the nightmares of what they did, James and Alice make it their personal vendetta to put the secrets and whoever knows them, to rest. For good. Or is it impossible to silence the skeletons in your closet?


1. Alice

/N: This story is being written by me and my friend, Yana. Yana will be writting in Alice's point of view and I will be writting in James' point of view, who will ve featured in the next chapter. By the way, You can follow Yana at Pirate 23643 on Wattpad. Her one story right now can be found at:

Hope you love our story! Read, Review, and love!


Thea and Yana


    I knew something wasn't right as soon as I walked into the room. The air seemed stiff and suffocating and I could smell something tangy. I looked around, sniffing the air.

There was nothing out of place, nobody was scuffling around trying to hide. I took a few uncertain steps forward and then stopped again to make sure everything was alright, checking for anything out of place, anything at all, even if it was only a missing peice of wood.

I went into every room in the tiny home, taking cautious, slow, alnost painfully slow steps.
  The kitchen with its square window letting in the moonlight-nothing.
    The small bathroom will a sparly clean mirror-nothing.
    I stepped into the square bedroom next.

The bed was made, the light blue sheet pulled back below the plump pillows, and the wooden closet was close.

I eyed every corner and when my eyes rested on the pillows that were at the head of the bed, I screamed, falling back onto my knees, I crawled back till I hit a wall.

On the small cream colored pillow lay a dagger inlaid with black rubies at the hilt. The dagger was slightly curved and had, what I assumed was a lot of dried blood at the very tip.

My whole body was trembling and I pressed closer to  the wall for support. That dagger was something that I thought I would never see again. I had thrown it into the ocean, and I had watched it fall into the sea foam, glinting in the sun.

Why was it here?!

I was almost crying when I saw the small piece of parchment under the knife. Slowly, picking myself off the floor, I made my way toward it.

I picked up the dagger and felt a scary and familiar warmth seep through my palm at the touch of the hilt.

I took a long deep breath, latched the knife to my belt, feelling the familiar weight of it resting on my hip,  I read the note.

    "I know what you did. I will tell them...unless you be a good girl and do what I say."

    My hands started to tremble and I dropped the note. What was going on? How could this person know about what I had done? I placed a hand on the hilt of the dagger, rubbing the black rubies.

I knew that it was meant to prove a point...and it did, but somehow it was comforting to be able to hold it again. It held memories that I couldn't bear to be without.

After some time I left the room and went into the kitchen. I had brought a rag with me and as I sat at the round elm table, I started to wipe the dagger clean.

I kept wondering who could possibly have known about the man I had killed. Had someone seen me? I shook my head, I had been careful, no one could have seen me. I placed the blade gently on the table, done cleaning it.

I rested my head on my hands and tried to make sense of the situation.

    I could run. Run to where though? If this person knew about this...what else could he know?

If I ran, they might just reveal everything. Even if they knew only this, it would still ruin me. Anything else would destroy me.

    I lifted my  head,  a new determination taking over me. I would play this game. Somehow I would find out who this demon was and I would silence it...for good.

I grabbed the dagger and threw it at the target I had painted on my wall without looking. A second later I heard a thump. I looked, grinning for the first time that night.


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