(1D)And her name was Sarah

Hi, my name is Sarah. I live in an orphanage with my best friend Gigi, who just got an offer to be adopted... By her real parents. I've always wanted to meet my real parents, I stole my file the other day and learned my p-parents names are Maura and Bobby. I didn't get a chance to see my last name though, until one special phone call....... (2012 time)


5. Niall Why??!!??

Zayns POV

"OF COUSE!!!" Sarah screeched. I covered my ears to keep from like dying! Man she can squeeze and screech! Niall looked a little angry at me... I wonder why. Greg came up to us and we all had a group hug. Niall was the only one out of /it. "What's wrong Nialler?" Sarah asked obviously confused as all of us. "Ummm let me yu... Well maybe the fact my sister is dating one of my best friends!" He yelled angrily. "And what's wrong with that??!?!!?" I screamed louder than I should have. Niall ran off to his room and Sarah ran into mine. As the boys went into Nialls room Gigi and I went to comfort Sarah. Honestly I was kind of happy she went into my room and not Gigi's or Greg's. I really liked her she was sweet and cute.

We walked into my room and we found Sarah laying on my bed almost asleep. Gigi walked up to my bed and started comforting her. About 15 minutes later Greg and Gigi left. I sat down on the side of the bed that I usually sleep on and I saw Sarah's eyes flutter open. "Sorry I didn't mean to wake you." I whispered. "It's fine." She replied. I stripped down to my boxers and got in bed. Sarah looked surprised. "Do you want me to sleep somewhere else?" I asked. "No your fine, this is your bed, Do you mind if I sleep here?" She asked me. "Of course girlfriend." I said and she giggled. I wonder what the other boys are doing now.

Harry's POV

Man I wonder what Greg,Gigi,Sarah, and Zayn are doing... Whatever we walked into Nialls room and we found him on the bed sulking at the wall. Man why are we involved in this?!??!!? "What is bothering you Niall?" Liam said breaking the awkward silence. "Huh well maybe it's the fact that my baby sister is in a room alone with one of my four best friends!" He shot back at us. "They aren't alone Greg and Gigi are in there." Louis pointed out. "Well now they are alone." A voice that came behind us said quietly... I shrieked and everyone else jumped a little. We looked behind us and we saw Gigi and Greg standing there with their mouths taped shut...

Sarah's POV

Zayn hopped into bed and we heard someone scream, it sounded like it was from this house. I doubt it. Zayn jumped out of bed and threw on a pair of pants and a sweatshirt and ran towards Niall's room. I decided to follow him, I grabbed the baseball bat from Louis room and I felt someone grab me from behind...

Zayns POV

I was running in to Niall's room when I heard another scream from Louis room. I saw Gigi and Greg taped to the wall and I saw the four other boys standing in fear as a man walked towards them with a large knife.

I ran to Louis room before the man noticed me, that's where I heard the other scream. I saw Sarah laying on the ground with something in her arm, whatever it was it was making her bleed... Badly. I saw a figure come out of Louis bathroom. It looked like a girl, but she looked strong and tough. I hid behind Louis bed and I saw her get closer to Sarah. "Well, well, well. It's just you and me Sarah,Sarah Horan. Your new last name huh? Well looks like everyone will be able to admire it off of a gravestone." The girl muttered.

"Don't touch her." I said louder than I should have. The girl jumped and started walking towards me with her smaller knife out. I had no idea what to do so I grabbed the baseball bat in the corner and I whacked her side with it she fell down and started moaning. I ran to the boys and I noticed Gigi and Sarah were the ones getting the most of the beating. The guy was slapping Gigi. I whacked the guy in the back of the head... Hard. I dropped the bat and ran to Louis room.

The girl had gotten up and she was over by Sarah cutting her wrists with her knife. Sarah's face was so white, she looked like a ghost. I heard the girl saying something. "Sooo how do you feel now I've backstabbed you about 7 times now first grade, third grade,sixth grade was the best one,seventh grade, eighth grade, and high school..."

"I thought I told you not to touch my girlfriend." I said. "Oh so this is your boyfriend now huh? The famous Zayn Malik. Niall or Harry would be great too. Oh no Niall would be the best, I mean. He is your brother isn't he?" She said to Sarah. I heard someone walk into the room. I hope it's one of the boys... I slowly turned around to see who it was and it was Niall.

"Stay away from my baby sister..." He said quietly. I ran over to Sarah and knelt down next to her head. The girl ran over and punched Niall in the face, I heard Sarah whimper a little. I jumped up and reached for my phone. Darn it I left it in my room. "Call 911 Sarah's bleeding, a lot!" I shouted hoping the boys would hear me. I heard a faint ok in return. I punched the girl in the face and Louis came in with the baseball bat and hit the same spot I hit her earlier, I think she fainted I'm not sure though. The police and ambulance arrived at the perfect time everyone was so beat up Sarah either fainted or... Is dead. Gigi was passed out with bruises all over her body. Niall was pretty beat up too. He had cuts all over his arms and lower legs. Greg was the same as Niall. And then Harry was covered in bruises and cuts like Gigi. Sarah looked the worst but then Gigi wasn't so far behind her. Some how Louis and I made it out okay...

I hope you all liked it! I made a little bit of a twist and I took a risk:) please comment some ideas down below and Like and everything you can! Thank you so much readers:) you guys are amazayn!


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