Loving niall horan

Hi I'm belle and this is mine and niall horans story

1. concert

Belles pov:

Me and my BFF bri (Brianna) we're going to a one direction concert with backstage passes !!!! We got ready and left when we did it was concert time the songs were :

1. Up all night

2. What makes you beautiful

3. Last first kiss

4. Little things

5. Live while we're young

6. Kiss you

7. I would

8. They don't know about us

9. Over again

10. Change my mind

11. Back for you

12. Heart attack

13. Rock me

14. C'mon c'mon

15. Summer love

During little things all the guys choose 1 girl to sing it to. Niall picked me !!!!!! And harry picked harry !!!!! We were so exited so they brought us on stage and started singing when it was nialls part he looked straight into my eyes. His eyes were so blue after the song ended he told me to come backstage after the concert.

Wazz up guys belle here , any suggestions out there just tell me love you ninjas , IzzyBHoran and Brianna

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