Zombie Attack!

This story is about a girl named Kat. She has been living a normal life until the Zombie Apocalypse. She is a trained killer. Her father has sent her to train for years before the Apocalypse. She has found some trouble. She has fallen in love. Between two people.


1. Dont Let Them Get You!

Shawn's POV

I was sitting in my room when all of the sudden there was this noise. I thought I would never hear it but I did. Zombies! I quickly pulled on my combat boots and grabbed my AK47 and threw myself out of my room. I shot every zombie in sight.

~500 zombies later~

I had run out of ammo. I quickly ran to the safe room in my house. It was under my house and under my basement. I had put the combo in and ran down a flight of stairs. When I got down to the bottom I saw my father, mother, and sister. My sister is 19 and she was holding her rifle, and had her shot gun strapped to her back.

~7 months later~

We had finally finished our food supply and we had to go out and get more. I had ran out with my sister. When we got to our destination I quickly filled the two duffle bags with supplies. My sister was keeping guard and protecting me. We had run back home and I threw the stuff at my father.

"Happy? I got your food" I asked really ticked off at him for sending me and my sister, Tia, out there with the f*cking zombies.

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