My step-brother [Punk Niall Horan] {16+}

Melanie is the 'good girl' well that's what everyone makes her out to be, which she grows to hate.

But what happens when Niall Horan, the dangerous one, becomes her step-brother. And what if they become a little to close?


8. Chapter 8

{2 weeks later}
"Niall." I moaned softly as he sucked on my weak spot as we were sitting on the couch. "Niall." I moaned while gasping as he softly blew on the spot he had just been sucking on before attaching his lips to the skin again. "Shit Niall." I moaned and he smirked against my neck. Suddenly the front door opened and closed and I panicked. "Niall stop." I mumbled. "Calm down. I told Harry where the spare key is." He mumbled against my neck before continueing to suck on my skin. "O-okay." I stuttered and leaned my head back, giving Niall more acces to my neck.

"You two are in real big trouble." My mothers angry voice as heard as the door to the livingroomdoor swung open. Niall quickly pulled away from my neck as I tried to sit on the other side of the couch since I was sitting inbetween his legs but it was to late since my mum already saw it. "What the hell is going on?" She screached as she looked at us in disgust. Bobby entered the room. "What's wrong, love?" He asked. Mum just pointed towards us. "Niall what did you do?" Bobby said sternly and Niall rolled his eyes. "Why do you think I did it?" Niall asked and Bobby gave him a stern look before turning to me.

"What's going on?" Bobby asked and I looked down at my feet. "Nothing." I mumbled. "Don't act stupig, Melanie." Mum snapped. "Don't act like what I just saw was nothing. "It's not like we were fucking." Niall rolled his eyes. "Not like we haven't..." He mumbled softly under his breath and I smacked the back of his head. "What is wrong with you?" I asked him and he just chuckled. "You love me, baby." He laughed and I rolled my eyes at him. "Are you going to tell Bobby what I just saw or should I?" Mom said sternly and I looked at Niall who shrugged.

"Your son was assulting my daughter." Mom said and Niall laughed. "What the fuck?" He said and I tried to hold back my laughter. "That was totally wanted." Niall said and I bit my lower lip at how sexy that sounded. Niall turned his head to me and winked. "Just- Just go to your room." Mom said shaking her head and Niall smirked before grabbing my hand. "Your own rooms." Mom said sternly. "Like that's going to happen." Niall laughed before leading me into his bedroom since my lock is broken. 

"You can't just fucking bite your lip at me." Niall growled. "I litterally almost fucked you in front of our parents." He added and I rolled my eyes at him. "Just kiss me." I whined and he chuckled. "A little eager are we?" He asked and I pulled him close by his shirt. "Yup, totally." I whispered before smashing my lips  against his.

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