My step-brother [Punk Niall Horan] {16+}

Melanie is the 'good girl' well that's what everyone makes her out to be, which she grows to hate.

But what happens when Niall Horan, the dangerous one, becomes her step-brother. And what if they become a little to close?


10. Chapter 10

I pouted at Louis as he put ice cream on my nose. I whiped off the vanilla ice cream and took a spoonfull, putting it on Louis' cheek. Now it was his time to pout. I felt Louis' hand rest on my thigh as he whiped the ice cream off of his face with the other. "They're so adorable. I didn't even know Louis could be adorable with anyone." Fizzy whispered to Lottie who laughed. I pecked Louis' cheek and he blushed lightly. "Aww Louis is blushing." Lottie exclaimed and I smiled, pinching his cheek. "Aren't you adorable." I said in my baby voice causing everyone to laugh. I took another spoonfull of ice cream and brought it to my mouth while everyone else also continued to eat their desserts. I thought about Niall. We always used to eat strawberry and chocolate ice cream when we watched stupid movies and laughed together. The way his eyes twinkled as he laughed and the cute dimple popped up, he always looked adorable and those times when we watched our stupid movies he was so nice... Snap out of it Melanie. He might become your brother one day. My concious told me and I placed my hand softly onto Louis' leg, slowly moving it up and down. He smirked at me and pressed his lips softly onto mine out sweet kiss lasted for a while until the twins made a grose face and said 'ew mommy they're making baby's' causing me and Louis to errupt in laughter, together with Johannah and Lottie while Fizzy was busy with her ice cream and didn't pay attention to anything.

"Pleaseee mommm." Louis whined like a baby when his mother told him he couldn't sleep over. "But Johannah Niall is annoying and me and Lou won't do anything" I pouted and Lottie and Fizzy whispered something before laughing. "Oh dear you can't think I believe that." She laughed and I popped my lower lip, full on pouting right now. "Momma look at that face." Louis said trying to do some Texas accent and Johannah laughed before glancing into the mirror to see my face. "You can't leave me alone with Niall." I pouted and Johannah sighed. "Okay fine but no funny buisness I don't want to be a grandmother yet." Johannah said sternly. "You won't be we'll use protection." Louis mumbled under his breath and I slapped his arm playfully. "Shut up Lou. We won't do anything, Johannah." I assured her and she cuckled. "Okay I trust you." She said and I smiled. Soon we arrived at my house and me and Lou got out off the car. Lottie who was sat in the passenger seat rolled down her window and smiled at us. "No baby making." She said winking and we laughed and waved them goodbye, watching until they couldn't see us anymore when Louis emediatly smashed his lips onto mine.

The kiss was heated and rough but sweet and passionate at the same time. We managed to make our way to the front door and I turned around to unlock it while Louis kissed my neck roughly. I moaned lightly and finally the door opened. We closed and locked the door behind us and emediatly continued to make out. I jumped and wrapped my legs around Louis' waist. "Where's your room?" He asked out of breath. "J-just go to t-the co-couch." I moaned and Louis did as told. "Isn't Niall home?" Lou whispered huskily. "I don't care." I breathed and took Louis' shirt off. Soon we were both naked and I giggled as I felt his warm breath in my neck. Louis slid a condom over his length and kissed my neck a little longer. "Are you sure?" He asked and I nodded. He entered and started to thrust. Moans were heard. "Shit Melanie." Louis groaned loudly and I'm pretty sure Niall heard but I couldn't care less. "Louis!" I moaned loudly. This continued for a while until both of us came and Louis got off of me, throwing the condom in the bin. I still layed on the couch, biting my lower lip to keep the smile from my lips and didn't think twice about Niall. "I'm thirsty." I informed Louis. "I'll get you a drink." He said and disapeared into the kitchen. 

I followed behind him and wrapped my arms around his torso from behind him. He turned around and put me onto the counter, handing me the glass of water. I drank it slowly and pecked Louis' lips. "How late is it?" I asked Lou who looked around until his eyes met something. It's almost eleven." Louis chuckled and I nodded. "You know if we went upstairs right now we could go for round two." I told him drawing circles on his chest with my pointer finger. After that we went upstairs. Round two it was.

I woke up by a single ray of sunshing shining in my face. "I need to fucking close my curtains." I groaned and stood up, closing the curtains. I slid on Louis' shirt and some underwear and crawled on top of Louis, stradling his lap and pecking his lips repeatedly. "I could get used to wake up like this." He smiled sleepily and I giggled. "I'm hungry. C'mon help me with breakfast." I giggled and he nodded, slipping his boxers on while we made our way to the kitchen.

We were almost done with making breakfast when Niall entered the kitchen, glaring at me and Louis. "You two are fucking disgusting." He snapped and grabbed a pop tart before walking back upstairs. "I'll go talk to that annoying fucker." I sighed and Louis nodded and laughed. I walked upstairs and entered Niall's room. "Get the fuck out Mel." He groaned turning away from me. "Niall why are you mad at me?" I asked. "Fucking leave." He growled not turning to me. "What's your problem?" I snapped. "Suck my dick." He snapped annoyed. "Okay." I said and he turned to me. "Really?" He smirked and I rolled my eyes. "No but I got you to talk normally." I giggled and he rolled his eyes at me. "No but really. What's your problem?" I asked calmer this time and he sighed. "My problem is that I want to rip all your clothes off and bang you so hard you won't be able to fucking walk for a week." Niall snapped. "Niall we might become brother and sister." I said and he rolled his eyes. "When did we become related by blood? Never. So I can bang you whenever the fuck I want." He growled. "Niall we can't do this anymore." I sighed and his eyes turned dark. "I'll bang you whenever the fuck I want wherever the fuck I want or dear Louis will get to know how his dear girlfriend fucked his best friend nearly every night." Niall growled and I slapped him across the face. 

"You have issues." I snapped, walking out of the room.

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