Wolf's Shadow

A young werewolf named Ghost finds the least likely place to stay. She meets Red (credit to NightBatAngel for this character) and an odd bond is formed.


3. Astrid's POV

   I've been hanging out with Red at her cabin for pretty much all of winter break. I couldn't STAND all of the Aphrodite girls talking about how to change their wardrobe from winter to spring. At the same time, it's horrible listening to Red and Nico's fights.

      " Fire is better!"

      " No, death is better!" Horrible, but of course, it's better than Aphrodite's girls trying to put bleach in your hair. As usual, I headed headed over to Red's using my pegasus, Maybelline. Chiron didn't let me use it all winter, why not now?  This was the first time I've seen any kind of snow since I moved from England. 

    " Hi, Red" I said as I walked in the cabin. She was standing in the living room throwing fireballs at her brother, Kayoto. 

    " Now you better stay out of my way, got it?" Kayoto nodded and ran to his room as Red threw one last fireball at him, "So, what's up with you?"

  " Aphrodite girls bleaching my hair again." I sat down on Red's bed very tired. " Red, I need to go to the bathroom and fix my makeup, brb!" I walked into the bathroom and fished my makeup out of my leather pouch where I keep my ninja stars. I looked over at the toilet and saw that Leo obviously used it in the past 24 hours. I quickly smeared on the makeup and went back to where Red was. I looked around and Red wasn't anywhere in sight. She was probably outside waiting for Nico to come over. I went outside on the porch. Red was about to be bite by a rabid dog. I ran in the middle of both of them knowing that sickness with kill Red, not me. The dog leaned forward and...!           

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