How Far We've Become *DIRTY*

Im Claire Bell and im 17yrs old have brown hair grey eyes. Live in Chicago with my Aunt Martha my parents sent me away for a while when i was 14 because i was getting into trouble in school so today i go back to Canada cant wait it'll be nice to see my parents again.


1. How Far We've Become/Meeting Him

''So ready to see your parents'' my aunt asked. ''Sorta'' ''They havent seen you in like 3 years'' she said ''Exactly Aunt Martha'' i said and she sighed. ''Were almost-'' ''Yeah i know'' i said cutting her off. ''Ready to meet your friends since you moved'' ''I dont have friends'' ''Yes you do sweetie they call you everytime'' ''Sure whatever'' i said ''Were here'' she said pulling up in the driveway. I got out and closed the car door taking my things out the trunk. Then when i turnt around i saw a couple of guys staring at me drinking beer one with brown hair with a white snapback and the other with a black snapback on i scoffed and picked up my bags. ''Are you gonna ring the doorbell'' she asked ''I actually live here so im just gonna walk in'' i said walking inside. ''CLAIRE OH MY GOSH I MISSED YOU'' my mom said hugging me ''I missed you to'' i said ''Theres my girl'' dad said hugging me. ''Hi daddy'' ''You've gotten taller'' ''Im 17 dad'' '''Yes i know'' he said the doorbell rung and my mom went to get it 'Hi Mrs.Bell'' a guy said with the black snapback on. ''Hey Justin how are you'' she asked him ''Im fine'' ''Hi Rebecca'' the other guy said ''Devon how are you doing'' 'Great'' he said ''What's up'' she asked ''Oh well we were just in the neighborhood and we saw your daughter and we were wondering if we could-'' ''Not interested'' i said ''Come on Claire'' she said ''Um no thanks im going up to my room'' i said going upstairs.
''Im sorry guys she just got home and yeah'' i said ''Oh its fine'' Devon said ''Sup Rich'' Justin said ''What i tell you about calling me that'' ''My bad'' ''So why do you wanna hang out with my daughter'' he asked him ''You know just to be friends'' Justin said ''Friends'' he asked ''Yeah'' Devon said ''I know you boys want to you know what with her'' he said and they both laughed. ''Come on Rich we arent like that'' he said ''Oh really cause i recon you and a girl had sex a three some'' he said ''Devon'' Justin said ''What no no-'' ''Yeah yeah yeah'' he said closing the door. 
''Damn man we cant get her out'' i said ''Let's say her balcony window'' Devon said ''Nice'' i said we did our handshake going over to the side of the house where her room was and climbed the ladder jumping onto the balcony and looking into the window seeing her undress. ''YES'' we both said Claire gasped and covered herself coming to the window. ''What the hell is wrong with you two'' she asked ''Oh we just came to see you take your bra off pretty nice tits'' Devon said ''Perv...leave now'' she said ''Why i asked ''You two are such stalkers do it again im telling my mom'' she said and i chuckled. ''You cant tell her on us'' ''Obviously i can so leave'' ''Why you gotta be like that'' ''LEAVE'' she yelled ''Alright fine'' i said ''Im going'' Devon said leaving. ''Bye'' she said ''Im not leaving'' i said going inside her room ''Im telling my mom'' ''We both know you wont do that'' ''I literally will'' she said ''Liar'' he said pushing me onto the bed. ''Calm down'' i said she started crawling backwards and i leaned over her. ''I know you dont want me to leave'' i said kissing her neck she moaned biting down on her bottom lip. ''No no no stop'' she said stopping me ''What's wrong'' ''This is bad.sooo bad'' ''No its not come on'' i said starting to kiss her neck all the way down to her chest while she was still covering herself i stopped then looked at her. ''May i see'' i asked ''No my parents might come in'' ''You sure about that'' i asked then she took a deep breath......

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