E.H. Compatition entries for the once in a month comp

this is for my entries for E.H. Weaver Nightshades Monthly Conpatition.


1. The Writer's First Page- Runners up in Feb. compatition

I can see words flying off of the pages in the mist of the idea train trying to stop as iI wrote my first words of somthing that I had naver done before. But alas, it keeps on going on and on as I sit here waiting for my moment of wonder as I see other characters take shape and then it happened in one moment, perfect. I take my quill and write something and then the paper folds into something, a different item of which I wrote. It gave shape and I was happy with everything I had done as the scene played out in front of me it was for once in my life I was truly happy watching the items I read or write come to life to where I could see them going to the ball like Cinderella or just having fun in the saloon.

But one thing still got me going was the enemy as I molded and shaped him to where the story was going to be the best and as I set down my pen the moments came back as I looked at my script. It was perfect all in the moment as I set it down I started to back away thinking that I had done something wonderful.

Then my pages started to glow and I started to think that I was the only one that I could see this as pages folded right in front of me and take shape just like it happened in my mind’s eye. The characters acted like themselves and fallowed me with it as the pages took me to their world a world needed with a writer yet to be written and I knew right then what writing was in that moment was breathing life to something else that was perfect to where I can see it. I took my charter’s hand and I was unafraid to explore now was the world of writing.

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