Selena's Little Sister

Carmen Gomez, 18, most people know her as 'Selena Gomez's little sister'. She's a girl who's defiantly not afraid of trouble and that's what separates her from her perfect sister, who has the perfect life, with a perfect voice, a perfect career, and a perfect boyfriend....Justin Bieber.


4. Drug Deal?

Justin's POV


I opened my eye's slightly and saw Carmen's head right in front of my face. My arms were still wrapped around her small waist. I looked over to Selena, she was still asleep facing the other direction.

I unraveled my arms from Carmen's waist and got up out of the bed quietly. I carefully walked out into the main part of the bus and sat myself down on the couch. I looked at the time on my phone and saw that its 7:46 am.


I sighed and laid my head down on the couch. I might as well pretend that I slept out here.




The longest 10 minutes of my life laying here....I can't take it. If only Carmen were out here to keep me company. Sexy mothafucka. Sometimes I just sit around and think about how it would be to fuck Car-


"Justy....What are you doing?" The little voice said and took me out of my dirty thoughts.


"Selena." I say a little surprised that she's up. "What are you doing up?"


"That's what I was going to ask you." She said and then laid down on top of me. I grunted once her body hit my stomach. She payed on me for a few she asleep?


"Why would Carmen call you a pervert?" Selena broke the silence with a random question. Quit frankly I found the question amusing.


"Uh, I donknow?" I say trying to hold in my laugh.


"This isn't funny." Selena hit my arm, knowing that I was about to laugh.


I chuckled. "Well it kinda is, I mean why would Carmen think I am a Pervert? That's just my personality." I joked.


"I thought it was just your personality with me." Selena said sounding a little hurt inside.


"I don't mean to like hurt your feelings..." I say rubbing her arm.

She shrugged me off and sat up.

"I don't feel so good." She said holding her stomach.


"Let me get you some water." I stood up and grabbed a bottle of water and handed it to her.


"Thanks." She said and opened up the water to take a drink. She drank the bottle fast and looked up at me.

"Justin? you like have something to...make me feel better...and not think about anything." She struggled to say.


"Wait are you asking for a drug deal?" I asked surprised at my goody goody girlfriend.


"Shh...Carmen might hear." She said and stood up to look me dead in the eyes.


"Do you have some or not?" She said demandingly. This some how turns me on. I smirked.


"Uhh, yeah..." I said searching my pockets. "Something that may help eases the pain." I pulled out two pills that were in my back pocket, there my 'just incase' stash.

Selena grabbed the pills from my hand quickly.


"Now after you take those you might puke...but after that everything will be fine. You won't feel a thing." I said and she looked at me with slight terror in her eyes.


"Wh-when should I take them?" She asked looking down at them.


"After you eat breakfast, so you won't just puke up all your insides." I say trying to scare her more.

She gulped. "Thanks."


"Sure, anytime... Now I have to get goin', but I'll see you soon. Be safe with those." I say pointing to the drugs that I just gave her.


"I-I will be." She stuttered and gave me a kiss on the cheek.


Then I walked out of her bus and and drove away in my car.



A/N: it's a shorter chapter but it's a little different...did Selena really take drugs? I wonder how she's going to act in the next chapter?



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