Hidden secret

Darcy is a normal teenage girl. Well not very NORMAL , she didnt know her OWN secret that her mother hid from her when she was a baby. What happens when darcy moves away from London and weird stuff starts to happen. Is there any other people like her? read on to find out what happens to Darcy


4. chapter four

I sigh leaning against my hand in biology class. I have learnt it. And I remember everything.

"Darcy. What are we talking about? " The teacher looks at me thinking I'm not listening.

"About the DNA of people." I say looking up at her. She scowls and I earn a few laughs and I smile innocently. "Marlene?" I mumble without looking at her.

"Mm?" She asks glancing at Me.

"My dad is away this weekend and he told me to invite a few people down do you girls want to come and stay?" I ask saying it loud enough for the rest of them to hear. They all hold up one finger and I nod and wait.

"Discuss with your groups the teacher says and cat and Olivia turn around sharply and look at me wide eyes the same with Marlene.

"You're kidding me?" Cat whispers looking at me.

I shake my head . "No I'm being serious."

"I'm in." Marlene chirps in smiling.

"Why not." Mumbles Olivia.

"But isn't it haunted?!" Cat gasps and looks at the three of us. "Yous are crazy!" She just about shouts. We look at her and laugh a little there is a wild look in her eye. A terrified one in fact.

"Oh c'mon cat. Don't be a bore." Marlene laughs.

Cat scowls defeated. "Fine!" She throws her hands up. "What time?" She asks.

"8:00 o'clock and we will order pizza and will use some of my dad's special wine for a treat." They giggle in excitement and we all talk about what we are going to do tonight.

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