Not A Player (Liam Payne)

"Why are you afraid?" he asked, coming closer to me. "I-I'm not" I stuttered. He stared into my eyes and came even closer that our foreheads touched. "Prove it."


4. Chapter 4

~~We walked in the classroom. I saw Liam already there, smirking at me. His friends kept throwing stuff at the back of his head and laughed. I giggled quietly. I sat in the desk next in front of Liam like I always did with Sarah in front of me. "Okay class, open your math books to page 193" Mr. Hansley said. I opened my spiral notebook to a clean page and opened my textbook to page 193. "Today, we are going to partner up and travel around the classroom" Mr Hansley said, pointing to colored construction paper taped onto almost all the walls. "Those pieces have problems on them. You and your partner must solve them" he said, grabbing a brown paper bag. "You are not picking your partners. You are going to get the partner who has the same number as you" he said, reaching the bag out to the first student on my row. "But we always pick our partners" Terri complained. Terri always complains. "Well Terri, I was in a meeting yesterday and the Board thought I should give this a try" he said. It was Sarah's turn to pick a number. She pulled out "10." He walked up to me and reached the bag out to me. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I stuck my hand and there and pulled out "6." Damn it. Sarah frowned. "I've got Terri" she whispered. I frowned back. I turned around to see Liam smirking. My eyes went wide when I saw he pulled a "6" too. I turned back to face Sarah and mouthed the words, "I got Liam." Her eyes went wide. "Good luck" she mouthed back and I nodded. Please tell me there are only problems in the classroom. "Okay, everyone has a number correct?" he asked. We nodded. "Good, the principal allowed me to place them around the school so after you finish the classroom you will go around the school" he said, "Just not in other teachers' classrooms." He grabbed his timer. "You have the rest of class to complete the problems. You may begin." he said all the kids jumped out of their seats besides Liam, me and Liam's friends. "Sorry bud" Niall said and patted Liam on the head. "I got Haz" Louis said and looked at the curly boy Harry. "Yeah, Zayn got Perrie and I got Josh" Niall said, pointing to a guy in our class. "I got Nicole" he said. "Don't call me that" those words almost slipped out of my mouth. "I prefer Nikki" I said, shyly instead. "Oh, Nikki, the shy little bitch" Niall laughed and walked towards his partner. "Liam, I wish you the best" Harry joked and Louis laughed. "Don't let the bitch ruin your day" Louis laughed and so did Harry. They walked in the same direction as Niall. I frowned. "Babe, you alright?" Liam asked, standing up and walked over to me. He crouched so we could be face to face. I shook my head. I felt the tears form in my eyes. "Hey, they just don't understand you like I do baby" he said and rubbed my back. "C'mon, let's ditch the problems" he said, helping me up. I can't do that, I'm the straight A student. What will my parents think of me? But I can't tell Liam no, he might hurt me. "Um, actually Liam, how about we do the problems" I said. Liam's face went angry but it went blank when he saw mine. "Fine, but you owe me" he said and I giggled and grabbed a pencil and a spiral. I walked to an area where no one was at. Liam followed and we got started on our first problem.

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