What happens when the one you want to hold on to forever is the one to let go?

Kris had left it all behind; family, friends - everything he knew. And for what?

A life in Korea where he knew not what to expect?

A life as an Idol where complete strangers would judge his every action?

Maybe he wasn't cut out for a life like that.

At least, he thought so until he met Tao.


Tao was the bright, energetic boy who always strove to do his best.

Quick to trust, Tao always knew what to say to cheer others up.

His smile was infectious, his cheerful facade perhaps even more so.

But Tao didn't like to share his feelings. He struggled to truly open up to people.

He fought a constant battle against his inner demons, determined not to let them win.

Being judged all the time could really take it's toll.

Maybe he wasn't cut out for a life like that after all ...

Story and poster are both by me.
© 2013 ChromeHearts. All rights reserved.
Do not plagiarise. Do not redistribute.

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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