Criminal like you

Elena took a favor from a friend. She didn't realize how bad the favor was until she had to hide a criminal from people who want to kill him. Her life is threatened because of this man; Niall James Horan.


1. Christina's Favor

"Hello?" I managed to cough out as I leaned over the toilet bowl. "Is this a bad time?" I heard a shakiness in Christina's voice. "No no. What's up?" I continued her. "Can you do me a favor?" She hesitated on asking. "Yeah sure anything." I wiped my face with a wet towel. God I hate being sick! "Good I'm outside." Damn already? I hung up and went to the door. I decided to quickly glance out the side window and saw a man with blonde hair standing uncomfortably in front of my door. "Who are you?" I called from inside the house. "I'm with that Christina girl!" He called from outside. Um, I hope he won't kill me. I uneasily opened the door and let him in. "What was her favor?" I asked as I ran a shaky hand through my hair. "Me." He shrugged and walked to my livingroom. To where he plopped down and swung his feet up on my coffee table. "So what am I suppose to do with you?" I kicked his feet off the coffee table. He gave me a dirty look. "Ask her." He shrugged off his let her jacket and left it on the couch. Fine make yourself at home! I threw my hands up in the air. I dialed her number and waited for the ring. "What?!" She screamed into the phone from the other end. "What am I suppose to do with a guy?" I folded my arms. "Keep him from cops and danger. Please please promise me that you will." Those were the last words I heard from her. "I promise." I whispered as I heard her scream in pain. I threw the phone down. Shit, what is up with this guy?! I turned to see the guy going through my food. "Hey!" I shouted with my hands on my hips. "What." He said without looking up. "Well I guess you'll be staying here for a long while. So let's get to first name basis." I walked a little distance to my kitchen. "Niall." He reached out his hand for me to shake. "Elena." I shook it. He smiled and turned back to the food. This is gonna be easy.. I hope. I slid off the chair and snaked my arm in his. "Let me show you your room?" I nodded my head upstairs. He nodded and followed me to the last room on the left. It was a dark maroon color with a king bed in the middle. "This is your guest room?" He asked in awe. "No. It was my brothers. He died last year." I said uneasily. My brother was twenty-two when he died. Ever since we were little we dreamt of living together. But robbers killed him one night when I was at a friends. I'm going to find them one day and they will pay. I ran a shaky hand through my hair. "Oh." He left his mouth in a little "O" shape. I nodded and left the room; shutting the door behind me. I heard him undress and lay down. Nice way to make yourself at home, bud. I wiped away a tear and went to make myself coffee. I heard a knock on the door as I poor the coffee into my cup. I grabbed my coffee and walked to the front door. Looking into the little side window I didn't recognize the two men. 'Just pretend you're not here.' I thought to myself. 'Or pretend you're asleep.' The second thought was more reliable because my car was in the driveway. Hoping that they would leave I backed up and sat at the steps that were facing the door. "Just kick down the door." One man said. "I know how to pick locks for a reason." The other sighed. The doorknob started to rattle. "Niall!" I whispered loud enough for him to hear me. "What?!" He PRACTIALLY yelled for the whole world to hear. "Hide!" I hissed. How did these people find out so fast? The door popped open and I leaned on my baseball bat. "Well hello gentlemen. Thank you for stopping by but it wasn't wanted." I hissed as I slammed the top of the baseball bat into the face of the closest man. He fell back in pain. The other man lunged at me but u side kicked him and sent him flying. The men both looked at me from the floor in shock. "Get out." I nodded to the door without losing eye contact. They left within mintues. Well that was easy. I walked the stairs and walked into Niall's room. He laid under the bed. "So noticable." I sighed and pulled him out. "So what do these people want with you anyways?" I questioned as I wiped him off.

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