Profile Design Competition Entry

This is my entry for the profile design competition entry... It took me a long time to design it.... I know it isn't perfect, but I would appreciate it if you take a look at it!


1. Profile Design Competition Entry

So this is what I designed.... (Ignore the red lines) The bio would be in the left side and our movellas, lists, and favourites would be in the middle.... Also, the fans would be in the top right corner and the people I am a fan of would be under the fans... 

Also, we would be able to see the online people out of our fans.... And we can mumble simply by typing stuff and adding it.... 

And we'll also be able to send private messages to users. 

We'll simply just have to enter the person's username and send the message. 

And when we click on the word "private message", we'll be able to see our conversations with people. 

Here's how I designed how it'll look like when we click on "private message": 

And if we go on other people's profiles, the profiles would look like this: 

We'll automatically be able to message them without entering their username and we'll still be able to mumble normally. 

And if the person's online, it would show up as "online" next to the word About Me. And if the person's offline, it'll show when the person's last online. 

And we'll still have this: 

I worked on this for hours on Microsoft Publisher... So I'm glad you like it! I really like my design... 

Please comment what you think about it! 

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