Bleeding Love<3

Gabbriella lives the most normal life one girl possible can. Except for the fact she lives in the same apartment building as five extremely hot boys. For about three years now but some how she doesn't let their pretty smiles or beautiful eyes distract her. In fact she picks a fight with them almost everyday. And yet for some reason she finds herself defeated by them. Will she finally realize her feelings? Or will it be too late? Will one of them show her how to love?


24. Attraction. Go ahead admit it.

Brie's POV:

I sat on Zayn's bed as he went through his closet searching for something perfect to wear. My mind was off in a daze thinking about Harry. I was debating if I should ask Zayn for advice or keep my problems to myself since he seemed to also have a lot on his mind. 

"What's on your mind Brie?" He asked not turning around from his clothes.

"Hm?" I snapped out of my thoughts. 

"You're too silent, something must be on your mind." 

"Yeah but I don't wanna bug you with them. It seems like you also have a lot on your mind."

"Yeah because I'm thinking about asking Julie to marry me." He mumbled. 

"Really?!" I jumped up in excitement. 

"What if she says no..." 

"She'd be crazy to say no!" I smiled as he turned his head and looked up at me with his big brown eyes. He softly smiled then went back to looking for an outfit. 

"So what's on your mind?" He asked.

"I think I like this guy...." I muttered. He turned his head back towards me with curious eyes. He came out of the closet and sat down on the bed next to me. 

"Do I know this guy?" He asked and I nodded. "Is he one of my friends?" I nodded again. He chuckled and smirked a bit. 

"What's so funny?" I groaned.

"Does his name start with a H? And end with an arry?" He chuckled as I blushed. I buried my face into his bed trying to make the red go away. 

"How'd you know..." I groaned. 

"Because you're the only thing he talks about." He smiled as I peeked up. 


"Would I lie?" He asked and I shook my head no. "Give him a chance Brie, I actually think you two might be good together."

"What about Niall? I don't want to hurt him..." 

"I think he'll be fine, actually he left..." 


"Yeah he went to Ireland to visit family."

"When is he coming back?"

"I don't really think he is." He frowned. 


"Well I have to get ready for Julie and I still have no idea what to" He asked and I giggled. I got up then went over to his closet and looked through the clothes. Then I came across a shirt that said "guns and roses" on it and a pair of black skinnies. I smiled and threw them at him. He went into the bathroom and a few minutes later returned. 

"Hot." I winked causing me to slightly blush. Then we heard the doorbell ring. I smirked deviously and jolted to the door to open it hoping that it was Julie because I wanted to ask her opinion on my boy problem. When I opened the door I was stunned to see Liam standing there. 

"What are you doing here?" We both asked at the same time. Then I saw a black car pull up and a beautiful girl stepped out in a black dress. She came up to the door with caution.

"Brie? Liam?" She questioned. 

"He'll be down in a minute Julie, he's very nervous." I winked causing her to blush. "You look great by the way."

"Thank you!" She pulled me into a tight hug.

"Julie give this to him when he comes down. Bye." Liam said coldly before leaving. 

"That was icy." She giggled.

"Tell me about it..." I muttered. 

"Something wrong ladies?" We turned our head to see Zayn walking down the stairs. 

"Liam was here." I said.

"Really? Why?" 

"He wanted me to give you this." Julie said handing him the letter. 

"Oh well, I'll tend to it later. I'll be home later, so don't wait up sister dear." He chuckled. 

"Okay!" I giggled as I waved goodbye to them. He already knew I was going to stay up just so I could hear about the date. I laid out on the couch watching Vampire Diaries as the time started to pass by.

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