1. surroundings

Lying in the middle of am open hillside, looking up at the bright blue mysterious sky there is not a cloud in sight. I can feel the sun's rays hitting my crisp skin, my body grow warmer every second that passes by. The sound of the whistling wind traveling down the valley above me, I wait a few seconds for it to hit my body. Scanning the face of the hill in front of me I see all different shades of green, From light to dark and some with a hint of another color mixed in with it. I can hear birds talking away to each other, all kinds of bird sounds are flying around in the sky around me. the sounds that are surrounding me are all different. no two sounds are the same out here. Its peaceful no one else is out here, its quiet for a chance nobody talking or making any noise just the sounds of birds talking and the trees that are blowing in the wind. 

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