Forbidden *Complete*

Rosalinda is just a young teen girl who's family is overly rich. Then one day she gets a new personal servant named Mason and she falls in love. Of course her dad has to mess everything up with setting up an arranged marriage with another boy. When their love is forbidden, what will they do?


1. New Servant

Love is something I've never felt. I'm always locked up in my house waiting for some boy to walk in and rescue me.

This is what I am thinking about when my father walks in the library that I've claimed as my study. I'm supposed to be reading a book that my tutor is making me read, but I'd rather think about my messed up love life.

"Rosalinda, your new servant is here," my father's voice fills my ears. He's got short brown hair; dark brown; nose that's a tad too big; thin lips; pushing 50; six foot five.

"Yes father," I sit my book down on the end table and stand up. Then I smooth out my dress and follow my father out of the room. I'm surprised he got me a new servant in just a few days. Last one I got fired my catching him slacking on the job. And before him I just didn't like the young lady. Oh, enough about those random people; there's things about me that should be said. My full name is Rosalinda Hope Westwood. I have super curly, golden blonde hair; the brightest blue eyes; perfect facial features; plump, red lips; 15 years old; five foot nine.

"Rosalinda, this is Mason. He's your new servant. A bit older than you," my father and I have stopped in the front room where a boy is.

"Hello sir," I smile and curtsy.

"Hello ma'am," Mason smiles back.

I can't help the heat that comes to my cheeks. He's attractive. Well, to me he is. He has curly brown hair; bright green eyes; amazing facial features that I can't take in; plump, dark pink lips, around five foot eleven.

"You can go back to your studies darling," my father says.

"Yes father," I walk away with no purpose. I don't want to leave, but that boy is now my servant. So I'll be seeing a lot of him.

I make it back to my study and fall onto the couch. There's a bell next to my book on the end table and I know what it's for. I pick it up and give it a ring.

Minutes later, Mason is standing in front of me. "How may I assist you ma'am?"

"I'm thirsty. Get me a glass of water please," I give him a small smile.

"Of course ma'am," he nods and then leaves.

I never say please to servant, but Mason is special. He walks back in minutes later and hands me the glass of water. "Thank you," I take a sip.

"You're welcome ma'am."

*Dinner Time*

"So, how was your day sweetheart?" my mom asks. She has straight, long, light brown hair; dark blue eyes; perfect facial features like me; thin, dark red lips; almost 43 years old; six foot even.

"It was nice," I smile and take another bite of my chicken. "I've gotten a new servant."

"He's nothing special," Father says.

"Oh shush dear," Mother says. "Tell me about him."

"Well," I wipe my hands of on the napkin on my lap. "His name is Mason and he's just a tad older than me. He's really nice and that's all I really know."

"Well, maybe you'll become friends."

"He's a servant Margret," Father scowls.

"I know John," Mother doesn't miss a beat at her upbeat attitude. "Does it look like I care? He's human as well. Rosa can be friends with whomever she wants."

"Thanks mother," I mumble.

"What did you say?" Father directs at me.

"Nothing father," I smile at him. Part of me wishes I could stand up to him but I can't. I just can't. How could I tell him that my new servant made me flustered a few times today? How can I tell him that my new servant is the best boy for me? How can I tell my dad I don't want him to pick my husband when that's all he focuses on besides his job? I'll have to one day if he actually finds a guy.


So this is my new story! It's different from what I usually write, but I'm gonna give it a try. Please tell me what you think in the comments. Maybe even like and favorite. :)

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