The Paper Airplane

Mercy has had mental disabilities for her whole life. Her dad was in the air force and died in a plane crash. But before her dad died, the last thing she did with him was make a paper airplane and fly it. In middle school she pays to go to a special school and take lessons to be a pilot. She has to hide her mental disability though because then the school would kick her out. she's now in the high school part of the special school, and she finds out she may just get to fly a jet.


6. Airplanes Soar

  Days go by, Days turn into weeks, weeks into months, and months into a year. I'm now fully capable of flying a divejet by myself. And Hills knows that too. Its only a matter of time before our first mission to Iraq is assigned.


  I walk into class early to see Hills palefaced and standing over his desk. I look at him. He looks at me. I raise a eyebrow and he sighs. "A temporary base was blown up in Iraq. Our soliders are in a great need or supplies and quickly. Most air force flyers are already down there but they still need supplies from us. I need you and May to fly it down. "When" I ask in a hushed voice. "Soon. People's lives are at danger. no food or water." He shakes his head. "I'm ready." I say. May steps in the classroom and I gaze over at her. "Get supplies from your dorm. where going to Iraq."


  A day goes by. I haven't called my mom yet. she'd never let me go. But here I am, Climbing into the cockpit of the plane. I place my radio on my head and drive the plane to the runway. My mind suddenly fogs over. I stare blankly at the wheel. But soon it clears and I grab onto the wheel. "Takeoff clear?" I ask "Clear" says May. I breath in and the next time I breath out i'm soaring in the clouds.


   I fly all day. All night. For 3 days I rely on pills to keep my awake. I eat and drink small bits and talk to Hills regularly. Its a quiet day when the planes radar goes off. "What the?" May says BAM. A rocket fires towards us and I jolt out of the way. May goes right to work ordering people back at the school for flight control. My headphones block out all the noise. BANG. A second rocket hits off the tip of the wing. "RIGHT WING TIP HIT!" Screams May into her mic on her headphones. "HOLD ON!" I scream at her before diving down towards the ground. I pull up last minute and my mind fogs over. That's when my headphones kick into the main line. May is screaming. Hills is yelling orders to us and then I hear my mom. Oh no. Today was visiting day. She's back there in that room. "SWITCH TO COPIOLET SHE HAS A MENTAL DISABILITY" my mom screams a Hills. Silence.


  My mind fogs over. Everything was going great. Then the rocket came. I try to think but I can't. May runs into the skinny tail of the plane fiddiling around for a cord to get the radio signal back. That's when the rocket hits. The back of the plane bursts into flame. May screams. And I yell for her. but shes gone. Gone with the back of the plane.

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