The Paper Airplane

Mercy has had mental disabilities for her whole life. Her dad was in the air force and died in a plane crash. But before her dad died, the last thing she did with him was make a paper airplane and fly it. In middle school she pays to go to a special school and take lessons to be a pilot. She has to hide her mental disability though because then the school would kick her out. she's now in the high school part of the special school, and she finds out she may just get to fly a jet.


1. Planes From Paper

    I wake up and the sun is shining, the birds are tweeting, and the morning flowers bloom outside my window. Sweet spring air drifts through the open window and I giggle as a butterfly flutters by my window. "Hey Buttercup!" says a booming voice outside my door. "Daddy!" I squeal "its picnic day!" I laugh as I dash out my door to the kitchen. "You bet it is!" my dad say, wrapping his arms around me.


  I dress in a navy skirt with a white blouse. My mom does my hair in a braid, tucking in the short ends. Then I tie up my converse and go to the kitchen to help cook with my mom. It takes awhile but my mom finally finishes the many dishes we will have and packs them in a straw basket. Then my dad and I are off, walking along out of the couple houses I guess you could call a neighbor hood, and into a field with no surrounding roads or houses.


  all afternoon my dad and I roll down the hill, splash each other with water from the stream, and eating the many dishes. I'm currently staring up at the sky when a arrow shaped figure drifts across the blue sky. "Whoa! what was that!?" I say sitting up. My dad sits smiling in the grass holding the paper arrow. "Its a paper airplane." he says holding it out to me. I smile and take it. Running my fingers along the sharp creases. "Now we can both fly planes" my dad says. He told me awhile ago about how he's gonna start flying planes for our country. I don't understand but I know momma is sad about it. "I can be a pilot too!" I squeal. "Yup!" he chuckles "you'll be the best 7 year old pilot anybody will ever meet!" he says. I smile and hurl the plane forward. Instead of gliding it drops to the ground. I frown and look at my dad. "I can't do it." I say softly. Instead dad picks it up and gives it back to me. "Be soft." he says. Then I glide it forward.


  the wings catch the wind and the little plane sails up in the gusts of wind. The plane twirls and swirls around before it glides down to a level landing. "I want to fly like that!" I say giggling. My dad laughs and gathers the plane up. Next he gives me a blank sheet of paper and teaches me how to fold my own plane. when i'm done I pick mine up and dad counts to 3 before we both release ours. My dad's plane falls first. It skids to the ground. But mine keeps going. It spirals and twirls. Then the plane catches onto a gust of wind and it sails into the sun.  

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