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2. Elin And Harry

Elin's POV


"NO, STOP IT! HARRY!" I screached, laughing so loud, I bet the next door neighbors can hear me. II try to grab his hands, but he still manages to tickle me, before leaning down and sucking on my neck, giving me a love bite. I scream louder, and give him one last tug, finally pushing him off. I smirked in success, before jupming onto the sofa and patting the spot next to me for Harry to sit.


"I let you win, by the way." He mumbled, flopping down next to me. I rolled my eyes, but cuddled up next to him.


"We should probably watch the rest of the movie." I suggested, turning my attention to the movie. I could feel Harry's arm snake around my body, pushing me closer to him.




The movie had nearly ended, and Harry has fallen asleep. He looked so cute, all scrunched up in a ball, his nose wrinkling up every now and then. I got my phone out and snapped a picture of the perfect human laying next to me.


Just then, his phone beeped, signalling a text. I frowned but decided to ignore it. I sat back down on the sofa, but straight away it beeped again. I rolled my eyes, thinking it's probably Louis or someone. But anyway, I still got up and grabbed his phone, feeling a little sneaky.


Turns out the messages were from someone named 'Edie'. A frown drew along my face...


A sister?


He never told me had one of those? I clicked on the messages and was shocked by what I saw. There were so many sexual content on those messages, that my eyes began to water.


She is not a sister, that I know.


I threw the phone at a still body belonging to my now ex. He jumped up, surprised, but when he saw it was me he chuckled and fell back down on the sofa. My eyes widened and screamed at the top of my lungs.


"EDIE? WHO THE FUCK IS THAT?" I screamed, scaring him a little.


"Babe? What are you t-talking about?" I could tell he was lying, by the way that his left eye twitched as he talked. I shook my head in disbelief, and started down towards the door.


"NO! WAIT, PLEASE! L-let me explain?'' The last bit came out as a whisper, and his face became moist with new tears. I shook my head again, not trusting my voice.


"No, Harry! Thos texts explained it all..." I whispered, and walked out of the door, stomping to my car. I got in and locked the door, letting the tears spped up at their own will. I got out my own phone, and the picture of Harry sleeping popped up. As soon as my eyes landed on his face, a sob escaped my mouth, more soon following behind.


I was about to drive off, but heard a knock on the window of my car. I looked up to see Harry desperatly mouthing the same thing over and over again.




I didn't understand, so I rolled the window down, and a few sobs came out from him.


"Babe, it was L-Louis! I p-promise! Please... believe me!" In all honsety, I wanted to, but it wasn't that easy.


"Prove it!" I whispered, still not able to trust my voice enough to speak properly. Harry nodded quickly, grabbing his phone out of his pockets and dialing a number. He pressed the speaker against his ear, tapping impationtly on the window of my car.


"Louis, y-you ass, tell Elin w-what you did! To prank me, you retard!" A few minutes later, he handed me his phone, and his eyes started to water again.


"Er, hey, Elin! G-good day, right?" He stammered, making my heart jupm at how loud he was.


"Louis!" I warned, taking a deep breath.


"Elin, listen, I didn't do whatever it is Harry wants me to take the blame for, but listen to me," My heart sank so far down, and it became hard for me to swallow. I took more deep breaths and continued to listen to what he wants to say. "I know Haz loves you! He may have done a few wrong things, but we all do. No one has perfect relationships, if they do, then it's not a strong one, nor is it real. So give him a chance. Pretend to him that I took the blame and give him that second chance. Please, for me?" Louis' words surprised me, Inever took him as the guy with the advice but he's right.


I sighed and hung up on Louis, before turning to a very hopeful Harry.


"Don't trust him with your phone again, Harry!" I breathed, smiling warmly up at him. He breathed out a sigh of relief, bending down and giving me a hug through the window.

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