These are just some imagines I wrote. If you want, comment anything you think I should know, and I'll make you one!
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Love youu <3


1. What he likes about you




Your smile~

Your smile always won him over. Just a little grin can make his day. He would sit and stare at your beautiful smile all day if he could, and that's because he knew your smiles weren't fake, they were loving and geniuen. Just like you!



Your hair~

He would always sit and fiddle with your stylish locks, wrapping them around his fingers, or running his fingers through them. He knew you loved the feeling, just as much as he did. Wether it's while you watch a movie, in bed, eating dinner or even walking down the street.



Your eyes~

Niall loved your eyes. He can get lost in them for hours on end, just staring at the clearness of your pupils. Everyone would compliment your hair, or your outfit, but if you ever ask him what he thinks about a certain dress, his answer were mostly 'nothing compared to your eyes' or 'it makes your eyes pop out' and even 'ALMOST as beautiful as your eyes...not quite, but almost'.



Your giggle~

He would always crack up a joke or two just to get a laugh out of you. He just loves how smooth and gentle it sounds, and would pay millions just to hear you giggle. Everytime you do so, he would look you in the eyes and call you his giggling princess, and you loved it.



Your body~

He would always choose to go shopping for you and pick out the most revealing or tight clothes he can find. He just loved every curve of your body, every bend, every angle. He just loves it all, and knowing it's his for keeps makes him grin like an idiot out of nowhere.

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