Something Great

Hi, I'm Kaylee the daughter of Zayn Malik (from One Direction) and Perrie Edwards (from Little Mix). I'm 16, well I am about to have a party. I haven't seen my four uncles in 5 years, but when they surprisingly come over with my cousins... Everything starts well.... But does it end bad? What will happen if it does end bad? Will it end good?


1. Introduction

Kaylee's P.O.V.

I woke up to the smell of bacon and eggs. Two more days until my sweet sixteen! I couldn't wait! "Kaylee wake up its breakfast!" My mum called to me. I slowly got up out of my bed and made my way downstairs. My mum came up and hugged me. " Good morning sweetheart, it's Friday!" She exclaimed. I smiled " Mum its summer vacation, Fridays are now like any day of the week now!" I laughed at her. " But I still have to work except on your birthday! Finally, awe my baby turning sixteen!" My mum was smiling uncontrollably and she squeezed me tight. My dad came from the kitchen. " There's my baby girl!" My dad came towards me and he hugged me too. I starred at them in shock, they were really acting weird. " Guys calm down! You guys acted like this when I was thirteen, I will have plenty of birthdays don't worry about this that much. But if you want you can make it the best!" I was excited still if they weren't going to do anything special.

" So Kaylee I have been talking to some old friends of mine and I invited them over to see you for your birthday...." My dad trailed off. His excitement wasn't the same as before. " Who is it dad? Is it Craig and Angelina? If they are coming that would be awesome!" Craig and Angelina were really good friends of my parents, last year they gave me $100 for my birthday! Usually I just get cards and small presents unless it's from my parents. They were rich my dad was Zayn Malik from One Direction and my mum is Perrie Edwards from Little Mix. Before I thought any longer my dad spoke. " No they are in Australia but next month they'll be back and they'll give you your present..... Harry, Zayn, Louis and Niall are coming over...." Oh my god did he just say who I thought he did? My uncles they are coming over I haven't seen them in forever! Well actually 5 years but that seems like forever! " Omg!! Really!" I exclaimed! My parents smiled but my dad added " everybody is staying for a week and bringing they're whole family." The whole family... Great cousins....I haven't seen them in forever and that was great! Oh well what can I do?

" Sorry sweetheart we gotta go to work, I'll text you before I come home so I'll pick up some food." My mom told me, I nodded my head.

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