A Little Crossed (One Direction/Harry Potter)


1. prologue

My name is Lyxia Deviere. I am a fifteen year old fangirl. My fandoms are; Directioners, Potterheads, Tributes, Brat, Lovatic, you name it! I fangirl 24/7 professionally, I should gefor this.

My parents got me tickets for the boys' concert here in NY!! MSG, I mean COME ON. My family's not rich or anything but they managed to buy me VIP tickets! Literally crying my heart out. I'm in my room tweeting, tumblr-ing and all that shit about Quidditch and Nialler's guitars and I thought about tweeting.


I wasn't twitter famous but I did have 600 followers. I only follow people who I fangirl with/over.

I started listening to my favorite 1D song while doing my homework.

The first lyrics were booming through my stereo and echoing in my average sized room in a cliche shoebox apartment in New York.

Baby you got me sick

I don't know what I did

Need to take a break and figure it out

I absolutely love this song! I can go all week listening to it, I loved Nialler's part where he says 'OW!' It gets me every time.

The chorus was coming and I stopped writing my homework to lip sync Niall's part, making a weird face in my mirror as I sing along, I realized how much I needed to be in the mental asylum.

I checked my twitter again and I got about 5 retweets and 30 favorites, how balanced. I also got DMs and replies about my tweet.

Hey bitch, what happened? TELL ME ASAP! Xx :*

OMG, you better tell me how the hell things are at your end!

Got Casual Vacancy,?

I laughed at most of the DMs and replies.. I can't wait!!

The concert was just next month meaning I can still buy some clothes and stuff for the concert.. Why clothes as in PLURAL form? Well one, I might find better clothes and two, I might get wet or dirty at the concert! Common seeense!!

Just then I heard knocking on my door.

"Alyxon, dear, it's time for dinner!" I hear my mother's muffled voice from outside.

"Alright mom, just a second!" I say while logging off.

I go outside and sit on a chair in the dining table.

"Are your friends going to watch the boys?" My father asks

"Um, no.. They don't really know I'm a fan of them." I say uncomfortably, my parents don't get it..

"Honey I'm sure they'll treat you the same when they find out you're a fan of the boys, and if they don't then it's their loss." My mother says

I just nod.

"So have you been watching the series again?" My mother asks, talking about Harry Potter

"Um, yeah, I'm in the sixth movie now." I respond, putting a heap of mashed potatoes on my plate, I'm a fatty, no thigh gap, just a leg gap, I don't have a v line, I don't have prominent cheek bones, I don't have very visible collarbones, no hip bones showing, just a very fat body. But I'm not obese, no no no, I'm just not very skinny like those girls with the large sweaters and messy buns on tumblr.

I've tried losing weight but I always end up eating; that's a sign.

"Honey, you should eat this much during breakfast, not dinner." My mom says, she always says that breakfast should be the heaviest meal of the day, and you shouldn't eat anymore at dinner, because you'll just sleep afterwards, meaning you can't burn the weight you just gained cus you'll be sleeping, so you'll get fat.

"I'm sorry." I say, shoving potatoes in my face.

After dinner I went back on my laptop.

I checked Niall's twitter and he was talking about how he couldn't wait for him and the boys to perform in MSG! I retweeted his tweet and replied; Can't wait either Xx

I know he probably won't see that but I don't care! That's why I reply without caring or doubting.

I then logged off once again and drifted off to sleep.

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