Profile Design Competition!

This is my entry for the Profile Design competition. I have spent a long time designing this profile and I know it isn't particularly amazing, but I would greatly appreciate if the content or design wasn't used elsewhere. Thank you :)


1. Profile Design Final Entry

This is my design for the profile page. On the left hand side there is an 'About Me' section, because I feel that we should all be able to tell other Movellians what we enjoy to read and do in our spare time. There is also the basic information about their age, gender and where they're from. Also you can change the profile image, which will be displayed along wit your username.


Below the 'About Me' box will be a 'Messages' box. This will be almost like e-mails, where you can see what has been opened and what hasn't. You would click on each message and it would expand so you could view the whole message, and reply if you wish. These messages would be private, however if need be you would be able to report them for abuse.


On the right hand side of the page there would be a 'Friends' bar. So instead of being a 'Fan Of' someone you would be their 'Friend', which would include receiving notifications about their work. You would also be able to see if they're online so you can instantly message them. By clicking on the name, you would be directly linked to their profile.


Below that is a 'Mini Journal' section. This is where you would be able to post things about your life and your Movellas that would be visible on your profile only. By this I mean that it wouldn't have its own page like mumbles do, someone would have to go onto your profile to be able to view the journal.


In the centre of the profile would be your Movellas, which you would be able to sort either by: most popular, A-Z or Z-A. They would be shown by their covers, then underneath would be the Movellas name and how many views, likes and comments it has. If you clicked the cover or the name you would be directed to a full version of the Movella. 


Also in the centre would be the Mumbles section, where all your published Mumbles can be found. They too can be sorted by: most popular, A-Z and Z-A. It would also say how long ago you published the Mumble. If you clicked the cover or the name you would be directed to a full version of the Mumble.


Below the Mumbles section there would be a Lists section which will be similar to the Movellas and Mumbles sections, where you can click on them to see them full screen.


Also on the 'Edit Your Profile' button at the top of your profile you'll be able to change the background of the profile and the colours used. But the profile you see is the basic profile that you see when you first join Movellas. You can choose one of the following back grounds or you can upload one of your own images to make it more personal:





There will be many colours for the different bars on the profiles:


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