Highschool Vampire (fanged, fringed and fabulous)

I ran. My heart pounded along with my feet as I tripped awkwardly through the forest. Splintering branches snapped underfoot, piercing through my already tortured skin, leaving drops of blood like breadcrumbs following my path.
I'm Claudia Brook, the one no-one ever noticed. Well, that was true before, but not now. Now I'm noticed. Its been that way ever since I was bitten.


1. before

"So, please tell me you'll go, Brook," pleaded my BFF, Cathryn Mai Garnett. Her mystical green eyes shone in the summer sun, as she gazed expectantly up at me (Claudia). 

"I've told you already, I hate going to dances. Especially when there are going to be boys who are fucking drunk and perverted." My reasons for not wanting to attend this year's 'summer fun' dance were a little more complicated than just boys. But my point stood for itself.

Kate (Katie Elyse Simpkin), the new girl who now hung out with Cathy and I, sat up from the patch of grass she'd been sunbathing on. "You're going to be 16 in two weeks, and three days after the kickass birthday party you're having," she looked momentarily at Cathy and smiled," you're going to celebrate some more with vomit enduing music and blistering heat, like a normal teenage girl." She was right about the whole 'normal girl' thing, because that's what most kids our age liked to do, but that didn't mean I wanted that. I just wanted a calm sweet sixteen that I could remember, rather than one I'd forget with a headache. This, unfortunately, was not a good enough reason to stop them from trying to guilt me into coming with them. And I knew that unless I gave up, spending the rest of the afternoon with these two would be insufferable.  

With as much self control as I could possibly conjure up, I sighed heavily, clearly defeated, "fine, but I am not wearing a dress".

Out of all of us, Cathy was the most girly, with her vibrant red hair, light green eyes that always looked wide awake, and tidy attire that made me look like a slob next to her. She would definitely wear a dress to the dance. Kate would probably wear something practical but still gorgeous, as she was the natural beauty among us. Even on day's where her dark brown hair curled messily around her head, she would still look amazing with no effort. On the other hand, I wasn't so lucky. When I dressed in jeans and a simple graphic t-shirt (which was most of the time), I looked like a... well a... a dweeb, really. My box fringe and dishwater blonde hair was awkward to style, and I have the flattest chest any almost-sixteen year old could have. At least I have my eyes which look golden in a certain light.

"Really?", both Cathy and Kate said in union. We found those sorts of jinx moments hilarious, so after a second of surprised silence, we were rolling on the summer grass, howling with laughter. Any tension that had been present before, was now gone, and all talk of the impending dance had vanished, the subject know on supernatural phenomenon.

If only I had known more about supernatural phenomenon, and the role our small community played in it. Then maybe I wouldn't have gone to the dance. Maybe it all would never have happened. But it did.

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