She's Different

"She's Different, I want her"

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In short, I will hunt you down and well, ya know ;) Bye! That's all! Thank you!


1. //The Taking\\

Hii people, have you watched Midnight Memories yet? No? Then watch it now! GO!xx Bye 

(Elizabeth's P.O.V)

I'm on my good mood this morning because I have time to read stories, I just love to read and write stories, if I'm not in school I'll be in my room and write, or read. I'm not one of those girls in the village hooking up with men, I want my life to be meaningful, my mom raise me up to be a girl with respect.

There was a piece of paper taped on the refrigerator.

"Elizabeth, sorry I didn't cook you any food, I was gonna be late, and I didn't have time, please cook your own, and don't burn the house. xx Mom"

I placed the note aside, my mom isn't always around, she always at work, she was the only one who provides me with shelter, food, clothing starting when my dad died.

I went to my bathroom and after I showered I picked my clothes for today, it was simple just like me, little old me. I let my hair fall because it was still kinda wet, and I'll just let the time dry it. I picked my notebook and pen and headed outside, even though I'm not allowed to go. Oh well.

I inhaled the fresh air, I smiled to myself and sat down on the bench and started writing, after a few minutes maybe an hour of writing, I was hungry, well enough fresh air now, I have to go inside, if my mom knows she'll kill me, well not physically but you get what I mean. I picked up the crumbled papers lying on the floor ad my notebook and ball pen.

I opened the door and quickly locked it, Oh my God, I'm so hungry, I hurriedly went to the kitchen and cooked pancakes after cooking I poured syrup and started to eat. Mhmm, this is so good, after I ate, I placed the plate and fork on the sink, I'll do the dishes later, I'm lazy.

I walked to the living room and literally threw myself on the couch, I pressed the TV on, and watched some old cartoons, after a few minutes I heard the doorbell ring. I groaned and stood up, wait we don't usually get visitors and mom isn't supposed to be home and she doesn't use the doorbell..

Well isn't this fishy.

I slowly opened the door to reveal a fancy man holding a piece of paper. I scrunched my eyebrows confused, why is he here?

"Greeting my dear, we are here to bring you to the Royal Styles Castle" Wait, hold up, what?! 

"Uhmm, N to the O" I slammed the door right in his face, and his face was priceless, his mouth turned into the shape of an O.

*Knock* *knock*

"What- Wait, I know you! I saw you roaming around the village last week!" There stood the boy, with curly locks.

"Hello princess" He smirked.

"Don't call me princess, mister." I forgot I don't know his name.

"Harry, call me Harry" He winked.

"Ok" I slammed the door right in his face but he stopped it with his foot.

"That's not very nice, princess" He smirked again, good lord why.

"Can you just go already?" I ask obviously annoyed already.

"I will leave when you come with me"

"Yeah, no" I was about to slam the door again but he carried me on his shoulder.

"Put me down! You Physcho!"

"Nuh uh, obey me or else something bad will happen" I gulped. Now what am I gonna do? I cursed silently, and Harry chuckled. He placed me on the passenger seat of his car, I guess. He drove. Think, think, what am I gonna do? and where did the man go? Never mind, I just need an escape.

I turned my head to Harry, he was handsome, I'm not going to lie, but I don't like him. He drove calmly, I can see we were in the middle of nowhere, and I guess this ride will be long so I decided to take a nap.

I made myself comfortable on the seat and closed my eyes.

God help me.


Yo! Sorry so short, promise I'll make it longer next time c: G'Night and don't forget to watch Midnight Memories. 

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