Life Changing *Completed*

17 year old Delilah Grace won three tickets to a One Direction concert! She invited two friends Willow Jones (main person) and Nicole. What happens when they bump into One Direction and fall in love? Will they be together or ripped apart? Read to find out!


16. Worst to best


Willow's POV

   I sat in my bedroom, staring at the ceiling. Then, a knock on the door.

  " Can I come in?" Louis asked.

  " Sure."

  " Whats wrong?" he asked me while walking in.

  " Nothing."

  " Its not nothing. I am worried about you!"

  " Please, just leave me be!"

  " Answer me!"

  " Louis, if I told you, you would be upset!"

  " Are you having an affair?" 

  " No! Are you?"

  " No!"

  " Are you telling the truth?"

  " Yes! Are you?"

  " Yes!"

  " How do I know?"

  " Louis, I wa-"

  " No! You don't love me do you?"

  " Of course I do!"

  " Prove it!"

  " Louis, your breaking my heart! You don't believe me!"

  " Prove you love me!"

  " I don't know how! Tell me how I can!"

  " Um, I don't know! But, you have to prove it!"

  " You used to sit with me when I was in the hospital! Remember when I said that home is where my heart is! And that my home was with you?"

  " Yes, but how do I know that you were telling the truth?" I don't know who to prove it! I really want him to say he wasn't on an affair and that he loved me, but I am proving that I love him. I finally took his shirt and pulled him toward me and kissed him. It was sweet and full of as much love as I could put in it. I pull away and look at him. " I didn't feel anything in that," he said while leaving my room. I fallow him. The boys were walking towards him.

  " Why don't you believe me?" I asked him.

  " There is nothing to believe." I fell to my knees. I looked down at him.

  " So those months were nothing to you? I can't believe you! We were in love! Then this perfect one comes along and you break my heart! Why couldn't you have just told me you didn't love me? Why did you have to put it all on me? I have loved you and missed you every second of every day! Why don't you love me? Why did you put it all on me?" I asked while walking down the stairs.

  " You are the one who isn't loving me!"

  " Other way around!"

  " NO!" 

  " Yes! You want to break up with me, but you want to blame me!" I said shoving him. " I can't believe you!" He came up and looked down at me.

  " You were the one to push me away!" he said while shoving me. I fell and hit the ground. Delilah and Nicole came running down and circled over me. He stared at me.

  " I want you out of here!" he said. I just stared at him.

  " She can't leave! She has no where to go!"

  " Well, blame that on her! She should have went with her mother! It would have saved our hearts!"

  " If she is leaving, so am I!" Delilah said. Niall looked at her with worry. " I love you Niall, I really do, but I can't leave her alone on the streets!" she said.

  " She has to stay!" Niall said to Louis.

  " She is not staying!" he said. He was breaking my heart! Why didn't I just answer him? I started to cry.

  " I did love you! My heart is broken! I just wish I didn't question you!' Insay before I start to cry. The girls crowded me. They rubbed my back and tried to calm me down. " I thought you were having an affair. You never told me what the perfect one was, so I kept my distance. I'm sorry! I should have did something, or pushed this thought to the back of my head! I don't know why I didn't! I'm so sorry!" I say.

  " Its true! We all were questioning. You mentioned the perfect one, we didn't know what to think. Nicole and I pushed the thought to the back of our heads and come out. She was scared. Please, believe her!" Delilah said. Harry and Niall looked at Delilah and Nicole, but they both looked at Louis. His eyes were watery.

  " I was going to ask you to marry me. It was supposed to be a surprise. I started to rethink after you wouldn't talk to me. I'm sorry, but I had to keep it a secret. It was going to be a surprise," he said. I feel awful. Nicole and Delilah look at Niall and Harry. They both brought out black boxes. I look up at Louis. He knelt down to be at my eye level and brought out a black box. " Will you still marry me?" he asked.

  " Yes. I'm so sorry I didn't believe you! If only I didn't over listen, then the surprise wouldn-" I was cut off my Louis kissing me. I kissed back. He pulled away and put the ring on my finger.

  " Well, its better know!" he said.

  " All better!" I said. He smiled and we kissed again/ I looked over and saw Delilah and Nicole kissing there fiances. I smiled and kissed back harder. This day came from worst to best. Louis picked me up and carried me to his room. This day just keeps getting better!

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