For you

Kate Nichole moved from Ohio to london. She has a complex story that is yet to be explained. (Liam famous)


1. one

The plane ride took forever! Especially when you had an annoying 6 year old behind me constantly kicking my seat! Ugh! I really wish I was flying first class but I need to save my money to buy text books and a dorm and to pay my college fines.

I was on my way to London England to continue university.

The plane started its descent. When the plane landed, I gathered my belongings and then accidentally bumped into a man with short brown hair and brown eyes. As I was falling, he grabbed me by the waist. "Hi." I said looking into his eyes.

"Hey." He spoke back. He was British. He pulled me back to my feet and introduced himself. "I'm Liam, and you are?"

"I'm Kate." I moved here from ohio.

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