The Witness Protection Program (Niall Horan)

My name is Abby Shay or at least it used to be. I live in London with my parents. We had to change all our lives just because my parents saw something they shouldn't have seen. We were taken by the Witness Protection Program


1. What did they get themselves into?

I was running late for the last class of the day, typical me if you ask my friends, but this being my senior year I wanted to make a change, not be the typical girl I always have been, to give good impression to the colleges I was going to apply to. Luckily I got to the classroom before my teacher, which gave me some time to talk to my friends.

They were gossiping about how one of the boys in our class, the one who came from England as an exchange student, went on a date with the most popular girl in the school. I tried to listen, but they were talking too fast that I didn't get the point in trying to.

Our English teacher came running into the classroom, dropping her purse in the desk and taking out her markers. "Sorry class, I had some problems with my car" she said. The room filled with voices saying 'don't worry' and 'it's okay'. She smiled apologetically and signed for us to be quiet.

"The theme for today's class is communication" she said "We're gonna do a quick activity and then you'll be dismissed" All the class cheered loudly. "I need two volunteers, a boy and a girl" Everyone tensed up. Teenagers like us, we don't like to participate in class activities, cause it's just one more way to embarrass yourself.

I looked at my friend Zoe, she was looking at me with an amused expression. As I was gonna ask her why, the teacher patted my shoulder. "Abby, care to join me?" she said. I sighed loudly. She took me by the had and led me to the front of the room. My friends were looking at me with amused expressions, and I glared at them in response.

"Who's gonna be your partner? Let's see.. Uhm.." the teacher said, scanning the room. "Thomas" she said cheerfully. I looked at him, my crush. He looked like a lost puppy, his eyes looking for anything to save him from this class. "Come on over here" he stood up and joined me. 

"Okay Thomas, you're going to take both of her hands" she said "and look at her right in the eyes, now" Thomas did as she said, he was smiling at me nervously, his palms were all sweaty and shaky. I tried to give him a reassuring look but he looked at the teacher. "Now, tell her the first thing that comes to your mind when you look at her" the teacher asked him.

I looked away from him, but he grabbed my chin and made me meet his eyes again. "You.. you have gorgeous eyes" he said. "Keep going" the teacher said. "Your laugh is so cute, like a lot of rainbows explode when I hear it. Your hair makes me want to run my hands through it. You look like a princess, I don't think that's enough to describe you. Your touch feels so soft and warm, and I can't get enough from it. I could just.." he said. "That's enough, thank you" the teacher interrupted. Everyone was speechless, including me.

He quickly sat in his spot, looking down at his desk. I walked over to mine, still shocked. The teacher looked at both of us. "Okay class, that's it for today, see you tomorrow." I walked over to Thomas, but when he saw me approaching he went out of the classroom, mouthing a 'sorry' when he was at the door.

I called my mom to come pick me up, but she didn't answer. I tried once again but with no luck. I then tried my dad, nothing. I started to get concerned, so I asked one of my friends for a ride home. I had my keys with me, so getting into the house wouldn't be a problem. I arrived there to find the door open. I went in and closed the door. "Mom? Dad?" I yelled "Where are you?". No response. I went up the stairs to their bedroom "Mom? Dad?" both their cellphones were in their bed, but there wasn't any sign of them anywhere. I found a note in their bed:

"Dear Abby,

We had to go away for a while. Call your grandma, she will explain it all. They'll come to pick you up in the morning, until then get some rest.

Mom and Dad"

I grabbed the house phone in my parent's house. The line was canceled. I took my phone out of my backpack and dialed the familiar number. "Hello" my grandma said. "Grandma" I whispered "Where.. where are you?" I said. "I'm at my house dear, your dad said you'd call" "Grandma, what's happening?" I asked. "Just come over here, we'll discuss it over tea" she replied "bringjust the necessary" she hung up.

I ran to my room and took out my suitcase, dropping in my PJs, a change of clothes and my laptop. I grabbed my phone charger and some money from my piggy bank, and headed outside to catch a cab. 

When I arrived to my granny's house, she was waiting outside. She smiled warmly at me and hugged me tightly, then took me inside to the dining room, where two ceramic cups were placed in the table, along with a teapot. She made me sit down and poured some tea in my cup.  

So many memories came to my mind while being there, how I used to play hide and seek with my cousins and how we used to make joke wars. My gaze landed on a picture that was neatly framed and placed in the tiny center table. It was a picture of my parents, on their wedding day. I couldn't help but let out a tear as I wondered where they were and why would they leave me just like that, without warning.

"Where are they?" I asked impatiently. She looked at the floor "They were taken by witness protection" she replied, taking a sip from her cup. "What? When did this happen?" I said desperately, running my fingers through my hair. "Today, in your mom's office. Your dad brought her flowers for their anniversary, but then some armed man came in and killed one of her coworkers". I widened my eyes.

"He was apparently part of a drug dealership network, your parents were the only ones who saw his face" she said. I grabbed my cup, putting it in between my hands as if to warm them up "They are giving them a new identity" she finished with a frown. "A new name?" I said. She nodded.

"And what will happen to me?" I asked, whispering. "You are going to witness protection too, they are coming for you in the morning" she said, standing up to hug me. Tears started falling like waterfalls through my cheeks, and I let out a muffled sob. "Can I at least tell my friends?" I asked. She shook her head. "I'll tell your school principal you had to move, but you aren't allowed to call anyone"

I could feel anger building inside me, but I kept saying to myself that this wasn't grandma's fault. It was the murderer's fault. She hugged me even tighter than before and then led me upstairs to my room. "You have to sleep, long day tomorrow" she said, giving me a kiss in the forehead. I nodded and buried myself in the covers and falling to a deep sleep, thinking about my parents and praying they weren't suffering.


I woke up to my granny shaking me. "They are here, it's time to go" she said. I yawned, "Who's here" I said. "The men from Witness Protection" she replied.


So like I said, I decided to rewrite this fic, cause I hadn't updated in a LONG time and I didn't like how it was turning out. So here's the first chapter, I hope you liked it. Next chapter will be up soon.

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