"Am I a junkman who sells art, or an artist who sells junk?" ~ The Iron Giant


1. Woodburned Bench

So, this would be my bench that I did involving more than 100 hours of work total. It measures 4 feet in length and is about 14 inches in width as well as standing about 20 inches high when it's on its legs.

Though, like most of my major pieces of artwork (except the one which I gave away as a Christmas gift this year), I decided to hide stuff in this one! Muwahhaha so here's like your "I Spy" list for you :) ... erm it'll probably take you hours to find them all haha


1.) 10 hearts
2.) 1 cross
3.) 3 birds
4.) 2 snails
5.) 5 walking stick insects
6.) A spiral
7.) 1 grasshopper
8.) 1 squirrel
9.) 2 times of three very very special words ("I love you" appears twice)
10.) 1 Praying Mantis
11.) Cutey - (the word)

12.) Kammy (the name XD)

13.) Eve (the name)

14.) Whatever else you can imagine

15.) There is one other thing hidden in here but that will remain unspoken.


Apologies if it takes/took long to load; however, it's just really hard to grasp how much more detail is actually in it when you can only look at it through a screen- but tried my best here!

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