Uncovering Sherlock

Parents recently dead, loosing her friends, and siblings far from home. Emily Raves is starting over with her life. She decided to move to the city she's always dreamed of moving. London. She finds a cheep flat on Baker Street. She doesn't question why the rent is so cheep until she meets the tenet below her. Sherlock Holmes. A loud and obnoxious man who doesn't seem to have any self control. He reads her like an open book. He seems to know everything about her. She should be appalled by this stalker like quality but she's not. She gets closer to Sherlock. But when Sherlock's friend Dr John Watson interferes will she turn away from their friendship or fight for it.


1. 221 Baker Street

I waved at a cab as it pulled up to the curb. I smiled at the cabby as I pushed my large suitcase in and then got in. The cabby only gave me a slight nod. I shut the door and he pulled away. "Where to?" he asked. He had a cockney accent I think. I wasn't to sure though.

"Um," I said as I dug around in my jacket for the note I had. "221 Baker Street," I told him as I stuffed the paper back into my pocket.

"Why ya goin there?" he asked as he raised an eyebrow.

"I'm renting a flat there," I said. The driver nodded. He didn't talk anymore after that.

After only a few minutes he pulled up to the address. I paid him and got out, pulled my suitcase after me. I walked up the side walk and knocked on the large black door. I waited a little bit before the door opened and an older lady with red hair opened the door.

"Oh you must be Emily," she said as she opened the door wider. I nodded and walked inside. "I'm Mrs Hudson," she said as she handed me a key. "Your flat is top floor, hope that's ok," she said. "If you want I can get Mr Holmes to bring your bag up. That looks awfully heavy," she said as she started up the stairs. I nodded and followed her up two flights of stairs.

We passed a flat on the second floor, the doors were all left open and it was very cluttered. And was that a skull on the mantle? My flat was on the top like Mrs Hudson told me. It had recently been cleaned and redecorated, but I would have to do something about the wallpaper. A flat screen tv hung on the far wall between two windows. A large red couch sat in the middle of the room. The kitchen was larger than I was expecting. A table for two was pushed against the wall. The master bedroom was smaller than I was used to but was able to fit a twin sized bed and a dresser. The bathroom was just outside that and next to the family room was a smaller bedroom. This bedroom was more awkward. It was a long room, so I figured I could use it as my office space.

"Thank you Mrs Hudson this is perfect," I said.

"Oh your welcome dear," she said. "Do you have any questions?" she asked. I thought about it a moment, then thought of one I had on the flight here. The rent was so cheep. I couldn't even find an apartment in the US this cheep.

"Why is the rent so cheep?" I asked. "Is there something wrong with this flat?" I asked.

"Oh no dear, just no one wants to live above Mr Holmes," she said. "He is a bit of a celebrity here," she said. I nodded but didn't quite believe her. "If you have anymore questions I'll just be downstairs, and I'll get Mr Holmes to bring your bag up as soon as he's back," she said as she hurried down the stairs.

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