Why the fuck?

These are just a few things I wanted to say and I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks like this. Please like and follow, I'll follow back ;)



You know the way kids say things like "it's really more of a two person game" to avoid playing with the kid they don't really like? Why the fuck is that even allowed? Why does anyone stand for the kind of abuse, I know it's miniature compared to a lot of bullying that occurs everywhere, but why doesn't someone take the kid who "owns" the "two person game" and teach him that bullying is wrong.

Why do students care more about grades than they do about learning? Surely, the point of taking an exam shows how much you understand the subject and how capable you would be in a job involving that subject? Of course it isn't. Why the fuck should I need to know Pythagoras' fucking theorem to prove that I am a competent, hardworking person who will try her goddamn best?

Why do some people find it unacceptable to be gay? I told a kid in my class once, that my uncle was gay. You know what he said to me? A little thirteen year old kid told me that that was disgusting. Who the fuck taught that kid that homosexuality is wrong? I don't care whether you're gay, or straight, or bi, or transsexual or asexual, but why the fuck should you not be allowed to love someone? If someone told me that I couldn't love music, and I was caught singing in the shower, would I have to be rushed to church to confession? That is fucked up. Loving someone is ok. Even if that person shares the same reproductive organs as you.

I hate maths. I don't get it, I don't need it, I don't like it. I can do 2+2=4 and algebra and all that shit, but why should I feel stupid for not knowing why this number goes here and that number goes there? Is that to say that if I left out a comma in this piece of writing, call it what you will, that I am the single most retarded person ever? Of course it does! I must be the worst person alive if I don't "parle Français avec aise". Why the fuck should I feel brain dead in one class and smart in another?

As a girl, this essay probably sounds a lot bitchier than it would sound if you thought I was a guy. Why the fuck does an assertive girl come across as a bitch, while an assertive guy comes across as professional, or dignified, or strong?

Why do people have to be organised into different classes? Why should I get poorer treatment than the queen of England in my own country. I have nothing against the queen, but I'm expected to pay taxes, be loyal and contribute to my country, yet the queen strolls in and she gets free drinks left, right, and centre. Why the fuck should a foreign elderly woman get treated better than me?

That concludes today's rant.. Thank god I got that off of my chest.

Thanks for reading if you did. Feel free to follow me and like my movellas ;)

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