The Shy One

Chloe Tomlinson is a very quiet girl and she lives with her rather mean dad

What happens when she leaves to go stay with Louis ?
Will she fall for one of the boys?


1. Me

Hello I'm Chloe Tomlinson I'm 18 I'm the total opposite of my older brother Louis Tomlinson yes the Louis Tomlinson from the Brit/Irish boy band one direction he's outgoing funny jokester I'm the shy quiet smart wallflower I like bright colors and I play the guitar and piano and I live with my dad my parents got divorced when I was about 11 and my dad is really mean he hits me and slaps me surprisingly I don't get bullied that much and I haven't seen Louis in over 4 years he was 16 when I left and I miss him so much I miss my mum too well I got to go.

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