Horan <3

Oh my God it's Horan!!



Carries Pov

After what seemed to be the longest hug ever we finally broke apart and started laughing, like crazy uncontrollable laughter, it was great..

"I can't believe you here, I mean I believe it but it's so unreal, gosh I've missed you" I looked at him, and he was really hott now, I mean he was always good looking to me but now he is sexy and all grown up. " I know your aunt called me 2 months ago and wanted me to come and surprise you, I wasn't about to pass that up, so yeah, gosh I've missed you too" he just smiled, god that smile, and I loved his laugh. I just loved him! " wait how did you get off to come here?" I asked him. " we have a 6 month break from it all so it was easy" wow 6 months. " how long are y'all staying for?" I hoped they weren't just here for the weekend. "They are leaving tomorrow, but I'm here for 6 months" my heart stopped, 6 months, I'll have Niall here with me for 6 months. " your mom and I have already planned and talked about it, I'm staying in your guest room" he said matter-of- factly. "Oh my gosh really?! This is going to be so amazing" I just hugged him again. My heart is going to burst with excitement.

" so tell me oh superstar, how life in the spotlight?" I teased. He ran his hand through his hair " it's fun, I have 4 of my best friends with me at all times, the fans are great, it gets a little crazy at times but then I just think of the times I had with you and it calms me down, so it's not too unbearable" I smiled I'm glad he is happy and having fun. "What about girlfriends, you and that Barbara girl seem close" he looked at me confused " Barbara, no we're just friends and she hangs out with the guys and me sometimes." I was really relieved when he said that." What about you, how's America, and have you got a boyfriend? Tell me about you" I smiled "America is great, people like my accent, but I like it here in Florida, and I've been seeing this guy for like a month but it's nothing serious, he's kind of a douce bag really, I was going to break up with him yesterday but he left for New York and won't be back until tomorrow and I didn't want to text dump him so, yeah, oh you've got to try this new dish my mom makes, they call it Parmesan chicken, and it's not at all like chicken Parmesan that you get at restaurants" he smiled at that, we've always shared a love for food.

"So what's this guys name?" He asked."Matt, he started getting rough and handsy the past week and left a small bruise on my hip just from his grip so I know it's not good for me to be with him."

His face got super red "I'll hurt him so bad if he ever hurts you again Carrie I swear" he looked right in my eyes and cupped my face in his hand. We just stared into each others eyes for what feels like an eternity when he started to lean in, I felt my self lean towards him and close my eyes, our lips barley brushed over each other when my mom called us. " we're leaving now, come on we're going to Logan's roadhouse to eat." Niall's hand fell from my face and he got up and held his hand for me to take it.

When we got back to where everyone else was I threw my t-shirt back on and found my shoes. Me and Niall walked behind mom aunt Lilly and Paris.

" I like the whole rocker look you got going on now" he said looking down at me. I blushed and thanked him."I like your new look too, the who prep boy, rapper look, it really suits you very very well" he just laughed.

When we got to Logan's our waiter got our drink order, and while we were looking over our menu Paris looks at me and says " we saw your dad the other day" I almost spit lemonade everywhere. "I don't care, I don't want to talk about him now" I felt Niall's hand on my knee comforting me, I smiled a weak smile at him "ok, just thought I'd let you know, sorry" she smiled and I smiled back to let her know it's ok. My dad is a no good drunk. When I was little he was never around, the only time I saw him was when mom would take me to see him, he's never been there for me even when I needed a father, he's always drunk so I just wrote him off. One time I saw him and he got abusive and slapped me, after that I could care less to ever see him.

Our waiter came back to the table and took out orders. I got a steak medium rare with a salad and sweet potatoe fries, mom and aunt Lilly got the teriyaki chicken plate, pairs got chicken tenders, and Niall got steak and lobster.

We all just laughed and caught up with each other and had a really good time, I really missed them all!!!

Every now and then I would catch Niall staring at me and I would just send him a shy smile.

"I'll be right back" I dismiss myself from the table. I go to the bathroom, do my buisness, wash my hands and I adjust my hair in the mirror. I walk out to go back to the table when I feel someone grab my waist and turn me around. I was fixing to scream when Niall pushed me against the wall and crashed his lips on mine. I was surprised at first but then I kissed him back, I put my arms around his neck and gripped his hair in my fingers. His hands were at the small of my back pulling me into him. We stayed like that until we had to break for air, he pressed his forehead to mine. "I have wanted to do that everyday since the day I met you" he breathed.i looked at him and smiled. "What was stopping you?" " well at first I didn't want to ruin our friendship because it was special to me and I didn't know if you actually felt the same for me, and I was going to tell you how I felt the day you came crying and telling me you were moving away" I couldn't find the words to say so I just kissed him again, then I finally said "Niall I have been in love with you since we were 8, I always felt that way, and now I know you did too" we smiled and he kissed me one more time. "Well damn, it's about time you two, and it only took 13 years!" I look and saw Paris smirking at us. I blushed and we all went back to the table.

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