Horan <3

Oh my God it's Horan!!


1. ReUnited!

"Hurry up Carrie, they will be here at any minute" my mom yelled from downstairs.

My aunt and cousin were coming to town from my hometown in Ireland. My mom and I moved here to America almost 4 years ago and so far it was great, although I really missed my best

friend . We were always inseparable , we did everything together and now we don't even talk. Sometimes I wonder if he even thinks about me, probably not seeing as he's now in the biggest boy band ever, after me and mom left he tried out for Xfactor and look at him now.

I look at myself in the mirror and decide I'm finished. I have on my cut off jean shorts a paramor t-shirt and some black converse. I did my make-up in a smokey eye style and clear lip balm. I just had my hair cut styled and colored so it went from long wavy and brown to short enough just to frame my face and super blonde! I love it, I wonder if Niall would approve? No Carrie stop it, he's not here and I will never be here. I just sigh and head downstairs. To me Niall was more than a best friend, I loved him, and even though I have a boyfriend I still find myself comparing him to Niall. And I really want to break up with him.

" wow she's finally ready" my mom said with a smile " sorry it took so long mom I'm still getting used to my hair and it takes forever to straighten" I say as I fix me a glass of orange juice. " well it looks great on you baby" she smiles and turns around to finish cooking breakfast. "So what are we doing when they get here today?" She turns around and hands me my food, chocolate chip pancakes, sausage and over medium eggs, my mom knows me so well!! " I was thinking about going down to the beach today an maybe getting a bite to eat afterward" "that sounds perfect mom, I'm just super nervous for some reason" which I was, it's been four years since we've seen them, aunt Lilly an my cousin Paris. Parish is a little younger than me but we still got along pretty good, and Aunt Lilly was always great but I'm just so nervous. " Don't be baby, it's going to be just like it used to" she smiled." Ok, but I must go get my bathing suit and beach bag before they get here" as I'm running up the stairs I hear my mom yell "oh gunny wear the black one I love so much on you" I smile because that's my favorite one too. " I am mom" I go into my closet and grab my beach bag that has my sunscreen, tanning oil, sunglasses, and a beach towel that is black with neon colored peace signs all over it. Then I put on my bathing suit under my clothes, it's black and it has a flock of white birds flying away and I had that saying from the Notebook out on it and it says " if your a bird, I'm a bird" I absolutely love it! I grabbed my pink bikini just in case Paris needed one and go back downstairs. Mom had already packed her stuff and grabbed a bathing suit for aunt Lilly too. "Mom do you even know that they are going to want to go to the beach, I mean aren't they going to be tired" she smiled at me " no gunny they got here yesterday and have been at a hotel sleeping and we planed this a week ago and we kinda all have a surprise for you so we didn't tell you about it" I just stood there so confused and all I could say is "oh"then we heard the door bell ring. Aunt Lilly came in first and she looked great her hair was long and brown and she had on a gorgeous sun dress. "Care-bear hunnie you've grown up so much and you look amazing" yeah care bear is my nick name. She hugged me "aunt Lilly I missed you so much" I said as I hugged her Bach. "Where is Paris?" I asked when I noticed she wasn't around. " she is at the beach waiting on you at out hotel sweetie, your surprise was too big to fit in with all the beach stuff so she stayed to make sure nobody stole it" she winked at me. What the hell was my surprise??

The drive to the beach was just 30 minutes, and they were staying at a condo rental hotel so it was a private beach doth at was good. We got there and put our stuff in the sand and I heard a squeel, I turned around and saw Paris, I got so excited I also squeezed and we ran toward each other " oh my gosh Paris look at you your freakin GORGEOUS!" She was she had brown hair blue eyes and she was just so grown up lookin. "Me?? Carrie look at you, you look Hott" we just spent the first 15 minutes laughing and catchin up before our moms told us to join them at the beach.

I wasn't much for getting wet so I just stood ankle deep in the ocean, I was watchin mo. And aunt Lilly giggle like little girls, Paris was talking to Johnny the life guard, he was 18 and he like her Irish accent haha.

Then I just started walking a little ways down the shore. " your gone for 4 years and you become this smoking hott blonde how does that work?" I stop frozen in my tracks, I know that voice. I turn around and I see those blue eyes that haunt my every dream and that smile that used to be addorable now it's just perfect and breath taking. My heart beat sped up to 90 miles and hour. He's here, like really here, this has got to be a dream, but if it is don't wake me up. I somehow found my voice "Niall?" He just smiles " yepp the one and only" then suddenly my feet start working and I run and jump into his arms and he picks me up and spins me around. He's really here.

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