Wish Upon A Star

Ashley Styles had always dreamed of becoming a star like her brother. She could have,but stepped back for her brother who is now in the famous boyband,One Direction. She sometimes envied her brother. He didn't know she could sing. He probably doesn't know she has friends. But when he come and spends the summer along with his best mates will he find a whole new Ashley or the same Ashley she had seen all of his life?


1. Meet Ashley Styles

                                                             Ashley Rosie Styles

Hai I'm Ashley,Ashley Styles. And before you ask,yes, I am the sister of Harry Styles from One Direction. I have met every one of them. I don't get to see them since I away in New York City. I am currently in university. I am doing what I had planned to do if I didn't get a singing career. Which is makeup for people on the sets of movies. Horror movies is what I really want to do. I am in my 2nd year. 3 more years to go after summer. Summer break is in 1 week. I am so excited because 1)I'm going back to my mom's house for the summer and 2)Harry is coming,too. Even though I do get a little jealous I still love him. He is awesome brother not counting he barely knows anything about me anymore. Well,I have to go study for a test,so,um,bye.

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