journey to kill our memory

Finding out about the death of former band member, Hillel slovak, Anthony kiedis goes AWOL.
It's up to bassist flea, or michael, to convince him to come back to california.

1. m

Anthony's POV:


I had to run. I had to, Hillel was my friend, my brother. When i got the funeral invitation i knew i had to run. my phone buzzed it was Michael, "Hey, Anthony, look what happened to Hillel. Do you want that to happen to you?" I was shocked

"I'm fine." I snapped.

"Look, Ant, I know that I smoke weed before a concert but that's because it helps me relax" Michael said. How dare he!

"And I inject because it helps me sing!" I screamed down the phone, "Goodnight!"

Michael's POV:


I was about to say goodnight when he cut me off, Fuck! I had to see if he was okay, tomorrow I thought. I was about to nod off when a brick was thrown through my window. Wrapped around the brick was a note, it said 'Michael, I'm leaving L.A for good, i'll see you when I see you.'

I rushed to the window and screamed "Anthony, don't you fucking dare!"



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