Dont give up on us *completed*

it's the first day of school and I already see myself falling for the one, the only Zayn Malik. Why did I have to fall in love with him? I know he's gonna break my heart.. Or will he? Hi I'm Valerie and here's my story...


25. 26

Valerie's P.O.V

We hop into his car and honestly I was nervous, I've never sneaked out before. We drive for a little while until we reach this white house with gray fences. Zayn goes around and opens my door and I stare at him shocked. "What?" He says looking at me weirdly " I remembered you saying you wanted me to open the door for you" he says smiling and my heart skips a beat, he remembered when I said that on our first date. I kiss his cheek and smile as we head inside, we ring the doorbell and are greeted by a guy I don't recognize. " oh hey Zayn!" He says while they hug " what's up dan!" Zayn says as I stand there not knowing what to say or do. Dan finally turns to me and smiles " who's this lovely lady?" He says looking at me and I blush. " oh this is Valerie, my girlfriend" Zayn says nervously. Dan seemed confused but let it slide, " come on in guys!" We finally enter the house and are greeted by drunk people everywhere. Zayn grabs my hand and leads me into the kitchen, " want a drink?" Zayn offers and I nod " but nothing alcoholic" I say warningly and he laughs " don't worry babe" and he hands me a coke while he drinks something I assume to be alcohol. I chug my drink down quickly, it was really hot with all these sweaty people so who could blame me? " wanna dance?" Zayn asks and I shrug " I can't dance" I say shyly, " don't worry I can't either!" we laugh as he grabs my hand and leads me onto the dance floor. A slow song was playing so I wrapped my arms around his neck while he grabs my waist and pulls me closer, I put my head on his shoulder and we just stay like this until the song ended. Shower comes on by Becky g and me and Zayn just look at each other not really knowing what to do. We start doing random dance moves and laughed at each other the whole time, couples that were grinding on eachother were giving us strange looks but I didn't care, all I cared about was Zayn. Me and Zayn decided to leave the dance floor and head to the kitchen to get ourselves drinks, " hey Zayn!" We turn around to see dan coming towards us " hey man! What's up?" Zayn says approaching him. " I was just wondering if you and Valerie would want to join us in the other room to play truth or dare?" He says smiling, I was about to kindly decline until Zayn cut me off. " sure" I was about to protest but it was too late, Zayn was already dragging me into the other room and plopping me down In between him and Dan. He really needs to talk to me before making decisions for the both of us! I decide to ignore it since Zayn and I were already having such an amazing night, I didn't want to ruin it. " alright" dan says " are we ready to start?" I look around the room and I don't know anyone. There was a girl with pink hair and a nose piercing, two guys with blue hair and a girl with a lot of piercings on her face. Everyone nods and we start the game. " alright..Meagan!" Dan says " truths or dare" " dare!" The girl with pink hair says. " ok I dare you to take three shots of whiskey!" She scoffs " that's easy! James! Pass me the whiskey!" The guy with blue hair passes her three shots of whiskey and she downs them fast. Everyone cheers and I can't help but feel slightly uncomfortable, Meagan scans the room and lands her eyes on me, oh great. "You! Truth or dare?" I thought about it for a minute, I really didn't want to reveal personal information so.. " dare" I say confidently and she smirks " ok I dare you to kiss dan!" I freeze for a minute, oh god how will Zayn react. I look at Zayn and he seems to tense up " umm.. No thanks" I say trying to get myself out of the dare and she laughs. " you have to do it! You chose dare" she says smirking and I scold myself for choosing dare. I look over at Zayn to see if he has anything to say but he doesn't say anything, I look over at dan and lean in and he does to. I give him a quick peck and I sit back down. When I look over at Zayn he gets up and walks out of the room, oh great. I quickly get up and run out of the room and chase after him. We end up outside near his car, " ZAYN!" I yell trying to get his attention but he doesn't listen. I finally reach him and pull on his jacket, he finally turns around and he doesn't look very happy. " WHAT DO YOU WANT VALERIE!" Zayn shouts and I stand back, why the fuck is he mad at me? " WHY ARE YOU YELLING AT ME IT WAS JUST A DARE!!" I shout back at him " WELL I OBVIOUSLY DIDNT WANT YOU TO FUCKING KISS HIM!! LIKE WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!!" He shouts pacing back and forth trying to control himself. " WOULD YOU CALM THE FUCK DOWN!! I DIDNT SEE YOU TRYING TO STOP ME SO I JUST KISSED HIM! AND YOU'RE THE ONE WHO DRAGGED ME TO PLAY TRUTH OR DARE WHEN I WAS GOING TO DECLINE!" I say shouting at him. He looks up at me for a minute and sighs " you're right it's my fault I shouldn't have forced you to play" he says as he grabs my waist and I take that as my chance to wrap my arms around his neck. " it's fine" I say not wanting to yell at him, I lean in to kiss him and he kisses back. "let's go drop you off" I nodded in agreement since we had school the next day. We jump into his car and we drive home singing along to songs and laughing, he drops me home and I kiss him goodnight as he drives away and I climb back into my window. Tonight was fun! Except for Zayn and I's argument but over all it was a good night. I brush my teeth and put on my pjs before heading to bed, dreaming about Zayn.


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