Dont give up on us *completed*

it's the first day of school and I already see myself falling for the one, the only Zayn Malik. Why did I have to fall in love with him? I know he's gonna break my heart.. Or will he? Hi I'm Valerie and here's my story...


11. 12

Valerie's P.O.V

It's the end of the school day and I made it out alive, well barely. I walk to my locker to collect some stuff I put in it since it's only limited space. I decide not to walk home with Naomi, I really just want to be by myself now, I've had a long day. I'm walking home when a car pulls up next to me, as an internal instinct I start walking faster until the stranger yells me name, " Valerie!" I stop in my tracks, wait I recognize that voice. I turn around and see a smirking Zayn. Oh fuck, the point was trying to get as far away from Zayn as possible. " what do you want Zayn?" I ask crossing my arms trying not to make eye contact with him. " I was seeing if you were still coming to my house later?" He says while parking his car. Is he serious? After what he said about me to Madison, I don't think so. "OH SO YOU CAN, INSULT ME AGAIN LIKE YOU DID EARLIER WITH THAT BITCH OF YOURS!!" I scream. He gets out of the car and is now face to face with me "why are you yelling at me, it's not like I made fun of you in front of the whole school?" He says like it's not big deal. " YOUR AN ASSHOLE!" " listen it's no big deal I just said it so Madison.." He didn't finish his sentence. " so Madison wouldn't what?" I ask, tears in my eyes. " so Madison would be happy" he finally says " SO TO MAKE HER HAPPY YOU THOUGHT IT WOULD BE FUNNY TO INSULT ME!" I've had enough so I raise my hand and try to slap him but he caught my hand. So I tried again with my other hand, but he caught that hand too. We just stood there for a while looking into each others eyes not saying anything until he grabbed both of my hands in one of his hands and pulled me into the passenger seat of his car. My heart was racing, I wanted to refuse but my body wouldn't let me so I just let the situation happen the way he wanted it to. I was in his passenger seat and he went to the drivers side and started driving. It was quiet for most of the ride until he spoke again. " why did you want to slap me?" He asked " that's a stupid question, a smart question would be why did I wait so long to try to hit you?" I say chuckling a little. " well you can try all you want but you'll never be able to hit me" he says smirking almost challenging me. " is that a challenge Malik?" I say getting close to his face. He smirks " yeah it is what are you gonna do about it?" He says getting closer to my face only centimeters apart. He parks the car in his driveway so I unbuckle my seatbelt. " I'll just..." And without saying anything I lightly slap him on the face and jump out of the car running into his backyard. He chases after me " you'll pay for that!" He yells after me. I arrive at his backyard and there is no where to hide except for a tree, I run behind the tree and try to stay quiet, holding in my laughter. " oh Valerie? Hmm where could she be?" He says knowing exactly where I was. I look around the corner and I don't see him, so I turn around and see him looking dead at me. Without saying anything he carries me on his shoulders into his house. I start hitting his back saying " LET ME GO!!" " ok" he sets me on the couch and starts tickling me I squirm around laughing, forgetting that I'm mad at him. He stops tickling me for a second so I take that as my opportunity to flip us over so I'm on top, now I'm in control. I look down at him and he's in shock I put my face near his face " are you shocked?" I say impressed by my actions. " yeah actually, I didn't know you had it in you" he says cockily. I look at him for a minute and he looks at me it's like we are in outer space no ones there, it's like it's only me and Zayn, no one can ruin the moment. He starts to lean in and so do I, our lips barely touch and that's when I get a phone call. " uuugghhhh" Zayn sighs as I answer my phone still on him. " hello?" I say angrily because Naomi ruined the moment. "hey Val are you with Zayn?" Naomi said " yes I am why?" " oh I was wondering if you wanted to hangout but I can see your busy" she says I can almost hear her smile in the background " no, nothing like that's happening" I say reassuring her " ok but if it does use protection bye!" I was about to say something but she hung up. I forget Zayn's in the room, even though I'm sitting on his lap. " what did Naomi want?" Zayn asks " nothing she wanted to see if I was busy" he nods and I get off his Lap and he sits up.

Zayn's P.O.V

I grabbed Valerie and threw her over my shoulders, she kept hitting me and kept telling me to put her down which I did when we got to the couch. I let her drop on the couch and started tickling her, I stop for a minute and she flips us over so she's on top now, I have to admit it was hot and shocking at the same time. She leans forward " are you shocked?" She says " yeah actually, I didn't know you had it in you" I say looking at her lips, I really wanted to kiss her so I leaned in and so did she, we were about to kiss when she gets a call. " UGGHHHH!" I say as she answers. Why did she have to fucking answer, if she didn't we would probably be upstairs by now. She finally hangs up and looks down at me " what did Naomi want?" I ask uninterested " nothing, she wanted to see if I was busy" she gets off my lap no! Don't get off! I say to myself, I sit up and look at Valerie. " so what do you wanna do?" I say trying not to make the situation awkward " wanna watch a movie?" She asks " sure" I say and pick out a movie, I pick out Friday the 13th and we start watching. During the movie I could see Valerie getting scared, she jumped when Jason sliced the girls head off. I took that opportunity and wrapped my arms around her, I don't know why I did it but I just felt the need to do it. She smiled up at me and leaned on my chest. We watched the rest of the movie like this, until it was over. I got up to get the disc out of the DVD player and she sat there not moving. " what's wrong?" I ask " I'm scared!" She says "don't worry he's not real" after I said that I went up behind her and scared her " ROAR!!" She screamed and turned to smack me in the arm " ow!" I say rubbing my arm "that's not funny" she says pouting " oh come on you have to admit it was" " yeah I guess" she says. She looks at the clock it's 9:00pm wow! Time flies. " I better get going " she says and starts to walk out " wait!" She turns around and I grab her hand and bring her to my chest. She puts her hand on my chest and stares back up at me. " your not gonna leave without giving me a kiss are you?" I ask looking into her eyes she stares into my eyes and she leans in, our lips meet and move in sync it was passionate and slow, honestly I have to say I think I'm falling for her, fuck this means I'm going have to ask her out or else someone's gonna come and take her, most likely Liam. She stops the kiss and we look into each others eyes once again " wow" she says steadying her breath " that was.." I was about to continue " great" she says softly " yeah great" I say smiling. She gets off my chest and walks to the door " bye, Zayn I'll talk to you later" she says smiling and blushing, she was so cute "ok bye" I say smiling, she leaves and I shut the door sighing " what have I gotten myself into?"


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